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This same week with the WWE championship established on Big E’s waist, it was expected that the data could stabilize with the presence of Drew as the main dish of the evening and a tag team match between the four best fighters in the division.

This week’s attendance

Regarding the attendance data in the arena, one of the worst data since the Thunderdome is reported. It is a reality that the business of live events have seen a considerable drop since John Cena stopped appearing at the company. A fact that highlights the little interest of the people of California to see the show live.

Months after returning to touring in July, WWE made its minor appearance on Raw on Monday night at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. The show drew 4,031 fans with 3,995 tickets sold and the rest was made up, according to WrestleTix. The maximum capacity for the venue is 18,064 and WWE only installed the show for 4,208 seats.

Here are the reported assists for the Raw shows since July:

July 19: Dallas, Texas – 9,189
July 26: Kansas City, Missouri – 7,745
Aug 2: Chicago, Illinois – 12,629
August 9: Orlando, Florida – 8,225
Aug 16: San Antonio, Texas – 7923
Aug 23: San Diego, California – 6,966
Aug 30: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 4,818
Sept. 6: Miami, Florida – 6,490
September 13: Boston, Massachusetts – 8,088
September 20: Raleigh, North Carolina – 7,956
Sept. 27: Cincinnati, Ohio – 5,473
Oct 4: Nashville, Tennessee – 5,395
Oct 11: San Francisco, California – 4,031

This week’s hearing

According Brandon thurston On WrestleNomics, the episode drew an average of 1.582 million viewers on USA Network, down from 1.857 million viewers last week. In the 18-49 year old demo, the average score was 0.42, which is higher than the 0.52 score.

Shows 18-49 saw hour one have 0.44, then 0.42 at hour two and 0.39 at hour three. Here’s the audience breakdown by hours:

Hour 1 (8 pm): 1,641 million – last week: 1,949
Hour 2 (9 pm): 1,516 million – last week: 1,902
Hour 3 (10 pm): 1,588 million – last week: 1,721

This was the most watched episode of Raw since the July 5 edition that had 1.472 million viewers, which was the last show to take place inside the ThunderDome and just before WWE hit the road again. It is also the lowest in the key show.

The audience that the red mark program collides with is a party of the NFL that drew 11 million viewers while MLB playoff games were taking place. One of the most followed basketball leagues in the US.

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