To the courts! A-Rod to face lawsuit from ex-brother-in-law

The ex-boyfriend of the popular JLO and also Major League player, Alex Rodríguez, faces a new lawsuit that will take him to court against his ex-brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis (brother of A-Rod’s ex-wife, Cynthia) .

According to Forbes, Alex Rodríguez and his partner, one Stuart Zook, are facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from their former brother-in-law on charges of breach of contract, stemming from their business relationship when A-Rod was married to Cynthia and they were associates in a real estate company.

The former Yankees player (and he is from JLO), must appear in court in Miami where since 2014 the lawsuit of Constantine Scurtis has been in process, without having succeeded in court until now.

The “age of the case” and we assume the celebrity of those involved has led Judge Michael Hanzman, according to the same reports, to force those involved to be present in court for all the days of the trial. So over there you will see A-Rod a lot.

The subject is not, obviously dealing with A-Rod of drama and illegal substances: the player has accused his former brother-in-law of using his “line of credit to buy drugs” in one of the testimonial videos of the case. But it seems that the judge will not be intimidated and has ruled for refusing to “turn the case into a circus.”

“Perhaps you are more carried away by fame than I am …” Judge Hanzman said to Scurtis’ defense attorney who has identified him as one of the most powerful men in the United States. Clearly a bit over the top.

“Rodriguez is a baseball player who made a lot of money and is featured in the tabloids followed by dating JLO. Like I said, none of this could matter less to me. He is a baseball player who has a certain celebrity status. That or $ 5 dollars could get you a coffee at starbucks ”- added the judge about A-Rod and we could not be more delighted with the description.

For now, A-Rod to the courts, we will keep you posted.

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To the courts! A-Rod to face lawsuit from ex-brother-in-law