This is how Anthony Rizzo reacted when he found out he was traded from Cubs to Yankees

Anthony Rizzo passed his last day in Cubs uniform walking up and down the third base dugout Thursday afternoon, talking to his teammates and flashing the smile he made famous for the past decade on Chicago’s North Side.

Cubs fans can surely imagine it, especially when they think of the moment when Rizzo’s arms shot skyward after he secured the 2016 World Series final in Cleveland. It was the first building block of Chicago’s star-studded core in 2012. Now, Rizzo is the first major piece of that group to come out through a trade with Yankees this Thursday.

When the team left Wrigley Field on Thursday after a 7-4 loss to the Reds, Rizzo was informed that they would be trading it to New York. First baseman was traded to the Bronx by outfield prospect Kevin Alcantara and pitching prospect Alexander Vizcaino, and the Cubs took the remainder of Rizzo’s salary of $ 16.5 million.

“What we did here,” Rizzo said, “I think in due course I’ll be able to talk more about that. But it’s just amazing, the race. And we will never take it for granted. “

After hearing the news and talking to his teammates, Rizzo walked through Wrigley Field with his family. He and his wife, Emily, stopped to take photos in front of the ivy-covered wall in center field and let their dog, Kevin, run through the grounds. And then the Cubs’ longtime first baseman took the time to talk to a small group of reporters before he left.

What was going through your mind as you walked through the gardens?

“A lot. Some good memories here,” Rizzo said. “All my life, I grew up here. All good things come to an end. It’s going to be a difficult second half here, which many of us are not used to in a long time. Being able to go to another historical franchise like the Yankees, it’s incredible. “

During the ninth inning, some fans within Friendly Confines chanted, “We want Rizzo!” That made first baseman smile.

“This city will be etched in my heart for the rest of my life,” said Rizzo, who pounded his chest with his fist for emphasis.

Ross insisted that it was simply a day off for both players, explaining that Rizzo had not received a day off since the All-Star break and that Thursday was “set aside” as a day off. The manager mentioned that Bryant played both left field and shortstop on Wednesday, and recently dealt with leg fatigue.