They expect the Correa-Mets pact to look “radically different” (report)

When will the Puerto Rican become Carlos Correa officially a Mets player? It’s the biggest question in the baseball world right now. While there’s still a chance the mega-deal between the two parties could fall through due to Mets concerns over Correa’s right ankle, a solution that makes both player and team happy remains realistic. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal said Tuesday that he believes everything will be resolved this week. But even if Correa does end up with the Mets, the terms of the mammoth contract are expected to look “dramatically different” once it’s all made official.

“It’s not going to be 12 years, $315 million guaranteed,” Rosenthal said. “The question is, how much will the terms change, and how much the contract itself?”

Rosenthal said the Mets and Correa are still working on a restructured deal and “there are no signs that (the Mets) want to back down.” Instead, they are looking for a meeting point that satisfies both parties. Rosenthal mentioned the possibility of inserting some language that, for example, would state that if Correa spends a certain amount of time on the disabled list due to a problem with the body part in question, that would result in future year cancellations or removal. lose money guaranteed.

“Obviously, if you’re Correa and Boras (Scott, the agent), you don’t want this kind of language because it lowers the value of the contract, it creates this uncertainty,” Rosenthal continued.

Rosenthal also said that once a deal is reached, he expects the Mets to “get into more action” on the trade market.

“They are going to need to make some more changes; they already changed McCann. They would also trade Escobar (Eduardo, the Venezuelan third baseman), I would think, if they sign Correa and the pact is finally finalized. And they could look at a few other things, too, to bring payroll down. Not that they’ve shown much concern about reducing the size of the payroll this winter, but they would do some things along those lines.”

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They expect the Correa-Mets pact to look “radically different” (report)