The MLBPA rejects the latest offer for an international MLB draft

The MLBPA (Players Association) has rejected the MLB’s offer for an international draft in the next few years.

It should be noted that the MLBPA is not going to close an agreement until it feels that the “sales” or signing of “moorings” of children from 12 to 15 years of age ends, especially in the Dominican Republic where more pre-agreements are made. Both parties did not reach an agreement, and there is no international draft so far, everything is normal until further notice.

MLBPA statement:

The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today rejected what Major League Baseball described as its “final” proposal to establish a draft system and fixed positions for international entrants.


Players made it clear from the outset that any International Draft must significantly improve the status quo for such players and not unfairly discriminate between them and national entrants. To this end, the MLBPA made a series of proposals designed to protect and promote the rights of international amateur players.

Our proposals for the Draft -unprecedented in the history of the MLBPA- sought to establish minimum guarantees in player signings, places on rosters, investments in infrastructure, playing opportunities, scouting opportunities, as well as order measures public to combat corruption. We also made proposals to compensate international signatories more fairly and in line with other amateur players, as well as to ensure that all prospects have access to a player development and educational safety net.


At their core, each of our proposals focused on protecting against the possibility most feared by all players: the erosion of our sport on the world stage, with international players becoming the latest victim of baseball’s prioritization of efficiency over fundamental fairness. MLB’s responses fell far short of anything the Players might consider fair dealing.

For the MLBPA in Spanish, Silvia Álvarez.

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The MLBPA rejects the latest offer for an international MLB draft