THE DRAMA FOLLOWS: Industriales would NOT have asked for the OFFICIAL transfer of Pedro Álvarez

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

In recent days, the right-handed pitcher from Spiritus Pedro Alvarez It has been news in social networks and sites specialized in Cuban baseball. Here in Full swing, we have followed up on the situation, exposing the reality that an athlete is living in his intentions to cause loss of the province of Sancti Spíritus and discharge in Havana, to continue his passage through the National Series with the Industriales team, whose reinforcement in the postseason of the 59th edition of the domestic classic.

The talented pitcher has gone through different personal situations that led him to request a license from the authorities of his province, which was never approved, according to the athlete himself, until the request to leave the Gallos team, by personal decision. Álvarez has also made it very clear that his decision to leave the Gallos team is due, among other issues, to existing differences with the team’s management and specifically with manager Eriel Sánchez, who apparently not only has differences with the members of the Cuba team to the U23 World Cup, but in his own homeland there are certain situations that link him.

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“For three or four months I have been incorporated into the provincial INDER working as a pitching coach in the 13-14 year category”, confessed Pedro to the journalist Guillermo Rodríguez from Radio Rebelde, a few days ago. “I had decided not to play ball anymore, but coaches from Havana approached me to see if I was determined to play for Industriales and I said yes because in the end it is what I want to do, continue playing ball,” added the pitcher about The subject in question

«I have always liked Industriales. I was very happy when I participated in reinforcement with them. Although I carry Sancti Spíritus in my heart, I have always liked playing for Havana, “said the player, who has kept training in recent months to maintain his sporting form. “It only remains for the province to decide and free me so that I can play with Industriales because they have called me many times from there and are waiting for the answer from here (from Sancti Spíritus),” he clarified.

However, today, the sports journalist Hernández Luján, belonging to the official media of the Island, published on his Twitter profile something that has astonished all the followers of Cuban baseball and specifically those who have been pending of this matter. “Sports and baseball authorities of the Province of Sancti Spíritus confirm that they have NOT received an official request from Industriales for a possible transfer to Pedro Álvarez’s blue team,” he wrote in a journalist.

And then … what happened now? Is there a request from Industriales or not for Pedro Álvarez to play for the Blues in the 61st edition of the National Baseball Series? Why is there always so many versions of the same story and each part alleges something opposite? Is this an isolated and contradictory case or is it something common in Cuban baseball?

In an interview published today on the renowned Facebook page By the Rubber, the athlete said: “Yesterday I met with the commissioner. Next week will be the meeting where they must tell me if they release me or not. I hope that the Spiritus Commission will help me. I just want to play baseball. Hopefully they understand me and give me approval to play for the Industrialists.

Honestly, there are plenty of comments, it is more of the same. However, I invite you to leave your criteria, you already know where, while I share a message from Pedro to the Azules fans and his native province, collected in the aforementioned interview with Guillermo Rodríguez.

«I would like this year, in the new series, to participate for them and fulfill my dream and my goal of playing for Industriales. I tell the people of Espirituan that I will always have it in my heart, but hey, because of personal decisions I would like to play for the Blues, “said the pitcher.

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