The crazy (and possible) quad tie scenarios for the American League Wild Cards

Five teams are fighting for the two Wild Card spots in the “Young Circuit”, which opens an entertaining, exciting and practically unlikely multiple tie to end the year in MLB

Less than a week after the end of the regular season for the Big leagues, everything begins to be defined in the face of which teams will go to the postseason. While, in the National League, everything is practically defined, with only four games left, most of the teams are already classified, however, the panorama in the “Young Circuit” is completely different from that of its counterpart.

Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago White Sox are the only teams with guaranteed postseason spots, while Houston Astros is close to classifying. The history of Wild cardHowever, it is completely different.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox possess the last two postseason qualifying spots in the American league. In fact, if the season ended today, the “red-leggedThey would go to New York to face the “Bronx bombers”, But since the season does not end today (luckily), the two teams have absolutely nothing for sure, since Seattle Mariners is half a game from Boston for the second wild card, Toronto blue jays is at a game and Oakland Athletics to three and a half.

This opens up two possibilities that, although unlikely, would make the end of the season a real chaos, with two possible quadruple draws with serious implications towards the postseason.

The first of the scenarios involves Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners and Blue jays and it would occur only in the following way:

  • Yes Blue jays (with a record of 87-70) wins three out of five games that remain, including the two against the Yankees (90-67) of his current series, added to the fact that those of New York don’t win one more game in the regular season, as well as Boston (88-69) winning alone two out of five missing encounters and Mariners (88-70) win two of their remaining four, all would finish with a record of 90 wins and 72 losses, which would force two tiebreaker games to determine who would get the two positions of Wild card and later, they would play between them to define which team advances, using as the headquarters the stadium of the team that won the particular series between them.

The second scenario involves Red Sox, Mariners, Blue jays and Athletics and it would only affect the second wild card ticket, which means that, in this scenario, the final game would be played in Yankee Stadium against the “Bronx bombers“:

  • Yes Boston (with a record of 88-69) wins only one of their five encounters remaining, added to a single victory from Seattle in his last four commitments, two wins of the Blue jays in his five remaining games and the Athletics win all the matches they have left, they would end up with a record of 89 wins and 73 losses, which would force two tiebreaker matches to determine who would play in an additional match for the last spot of Wild card and thus determine which will be the rival of the Yankees.

Obviously, both scenarios are complicated, but they fall within the realm of possibility, so the season finale will be one of the most unpredictable, wild and exciting to have seen in many seasons.