The best memes for the escape of young Cuban players in Mexico

The escape of seven Cuban players of the U23 national team, which is currently participating in the Baseball World Cup in Mexico, has flooded social networks with memes.

Matojo doubts that Cuba has a ball team

One of them does not need words to describe the desolation in an empty plane in which only Eriel Sánchez, team manager, is seen, who after the flight of the first players did not hesitate to say that there was “no problem”.

Eriel Sánchez embarks on the return home in an empty plane

“Seven lives, seven seas, seven wonders and seven cities … seven musical notes, seven fewer players in the national series …”, it is read in meme that uses a fragment of the song “Seven”, of Carlos Varela, to ironically about the number of fled players, which has become fatal for the Cuban Baseball Federation in recent days.

“To all those players who returned to their homeland, look at what they are missing, reconsider, they are on time”, it is read in another meme together with a photo of basic foods such as eggs, oil or beans, this in clear reference to the “stimuli” received by Cuban athletes upon their return to the country after participating in international competitions.

Among the jokes is not missing the “nightmare” that an eighth player remains.

Or the terrifying hypothesis that “They hacked the national baseball team.”

The figure of a sorrowful man is not lacking either Diaz-Canel… who doesn’t care if they all stay.

Cuban television defined in recent days the escape of seven young players who made up the U23 national team as “One of the most hostile scenarios” in the history of the sports movement on the island, while insisting on blaming what happened to “unscrupulous human traffickers” who will continue to insist.

“Before leaving Cuba we came for one goal, which was to look for a medal. We have not given up on that. The team continues, they have already seen it “, explained the team director, Eriel Sánchez, after the victory against the Dominican Republic and before they lost to Colombia. Defeat the latter which complicates the scenario to obtain a medal.

This Thursday it was learned that the Cuban baseball team would have a permanent guard mounted at the hotel to prevent more leaks of players.

The Cuban government blamed Washington on Sunday for the leaks of young players. According to the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), the annulment of the agreement between the Cuban Baseball Federation and the MLB, decided during the administration of the former president Donald tump, prevented “realizing dreams by natural means, enabled for the rest of the countries” and stimulated “the trafficking of athletes in defense of political interests, alien to the well-being and tranquility of the Cuban family.”

The seven players who fled are the pitchers Yeiniel Zayas, Dariel Fernández, Ubert Mejias and Luis Dany Morales; the outfilders Reinaldo Lazaga and Dismany Palacios and to the receiver Loidel Rodriguez.

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