The 5 Yankees prospects who promise to be MLB stars

The New York Yankees they can expect good things in the short and medium term, since several players are trained on their farms who promise to be outstanding in their careers in MLB.

Estevan Florial and Deivi García have lost ground in terms of their projection, but there are other players who have remained in the top 10 of prospects for New York at least in the last two years.

Jasson Domínguez was in the All-Star Game of the Future

The Dominican outfielder, who is compared to Mike Trout, just lost his position as No. 1 prospect to the Yankees. He is just in his first year as a professional and his Class A numbers are modest (.253 average, 4 homers and 16 RBIs), but his potential is so great that it is impossible not to include him in this selection. Everything points to what Dominguez he will be a star with the Yankees in a few years.