Ten forecasts for the month of July in MLB

The first – and hopefully the last – summer camp in Major League history began a year ago. All the players were reported together with the nasal tests to prepare for the start of the shortest and strangest season of all, without the certainty that they could complete it.

Let us be grateful now for the scientific response in the form of a vaccine that allows us that this month of July has meant half and not the beginning of the season, as it should be. The All-Star Game is back and the Home Run Festival is back. The Deadline for Changes returns to its usual space (although one day before, July 30). We’ll even have the Amateur Draft in the middle of the All-Star holiday festivities.

It will be a busy month. Here, I have some ideas of what can happen.

1) Shohei Ohtani will win the Home Run FestivalIt’s already impressive that Ohtani is the Angels’ starting designated hitter and part of the rotation at the same time. That he participates in the Derby is even more incredible.

Let’s keep expecting the impossible and that means Ohtani will win the competition.

2) Trevor Story will NOT be changedI’m crazy to write “Trevor Story will be traded to the A’s,” but since my crystal ball has some drawbacks, I’m sure doing that would ruin the possibility. With Story making nearly $ 6 million in the final two months of 2021 before entering free agency, a potential trade could get complicated, especially with Oakland and its low payroll.

In the midst of all the intrigue regarding the Change Deadline, I hope I am wrong on this. And the good news is, it probably is.

3) No, Max Scherzer will not be changed eitherMike Rizzo is very persistent and the NL East is too hard to figure out. Kyle Schwarber has hit too many home runs for the Nationals to throw in the towel.

But that’s not going to stop us from speculating on that!

4) The Yankees acquire Starlin **g Mars via change ** Well, or to any other right-handed hitter.

The Yankees are looking for help with center field, following the possibility of Aaron Hicks missing the rest of the season with a wrist injury. Unless the Marlins agree to a contract extension with the Dominican, Marte will be an obvious candidate for a trade, being on a team that has proven not ready to take the next step this year. And yes, that could happen with everything and the trade for Tim Locastro.

5) The Athletics acquire Nelson Cruz via tradeWell, even if Story doesn’t happen, the Athletics can find other ways to improve their offense considerably. Cruz is an ideal candidate for an Oakland team that has the penultimate combined OPS among its designated hitters (.671) in the American League. Cruz, 40, will earn about $ 4 million between the Trade Deadline and the end of the season.

My guess is that Cruz will end up on a small market team, like the A’s or the Rays.

6) Kumar **Rocker will be selected in the draft ahead of Jack Leiter ** Honestly, there are no risky predictions at the top of the draft, because of the number of players that could easily be chosen in the first place, including both Vanderbilt pitchers. But every forecast has Leiter ahead of Rocker.

Either way, Leiter and Rocker are the most intriguing college pitching duo since Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer left UCLA.

7) The White Sox trade Adam FrazierReplacing a not-too-tall, contact-oriented midfielder with another.

Losing Nick Madrigal after suffering the injuries of Dominican Eloy Jiménez and Cuban Luis Robert (among others) was a severe blow to Chicago. Although the latter two are expected to be back before the end of the season, the same cannot be said for Madrigal.

8) Larry Walker will hit right in the Celebrity GameAt least we want that, just like he did in the 1993 All-Star Game against flamethrower Randy Johnson.

9) Cubs acquire Kyle Gibson via trade
Now the scouts are trying to see the results of the effect of the use of sticky substances. Some pitchers are suddenly not having the same success on the high straights, while the use of the sinker seems to be more valuable than ever.

That makes Gibson an interesting candidate. He was already having a successful season (he leads the AL with a 2.00 ERA and a 220 ERA +), but that aforementioned factor – plus a low salary for 2022 – adds value.

Many teams will be interested in him, but the Cubs present themselves as an interesting destination.

10) The National League will win the All-Star GameSix wins since 1987. Three since 1996. None since 2012. The Old Circuit’s terrible record in the Mid-Season Classic defies the rules of logic.

I will continue to lean towards the National League until I win. Also, I have Fernando Tatis Jr. as the Most Valuable Player. Why not?