Serious injustice with Jonathan Loáisiga in the Major Leagues

Baseball America conducted a survey of managers, coaches, scouts and senior baseball executives in the American League asking them who are the players with the best tools at different positions in the game. In the poll, the Nicaraguan Jonathan Loáisiga was not mentioned even though his numbers are explosive and he has seven consecutive starts without allowing runs. The Las Sierritas de Santo Domingo boy raised his WAR to 2.9, has five saves and nine wins, as well as a 2.19 ERA.

In the best reliever category, the top three were Liam Hendriks of the Chicago White Sox, Matt Barnes of the Boston Red Sox and Andrew Kittredge of the Tampa Rays. The 32-year-old Hendriks earns 11 million per season, currently has 8-3 in wins and losses, shoots for 3.20 in ERA, allows 11 home runs and owns 1.3 WAR, is widely surpassed by Loisiga, with the difference of his 29 saves. .

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Matt Barnes was key when Boston was surprising everyone and was positioned at the top of the division. However, now that they are on the ground, Barnes is 6-5 in wins and losses, a 3.81 ERA, 1.0 WAR and 24 saves. The difference between Barnes and Loáisiga is the same with Hendriks, who are closers and gain more visibility, but their numbers are seen as an ant compared to those of the Nicaraguan, also Barnes earns 4.5 million dollars, practically four million more than the pine tree for make fewer numbers.

Interestingly, 31-year-old right-hander Andrew Kittredge has competitive numbers against the Nicaraguan with a 1.32 ERA in 61.1 innings, four less than Loisiga, he has 8-2 in wins and losses with four saves. The numbers do not lie and at least the serpentinero of Las Sierritas de Santo Domingo deserved a nomination among the three best, however, he is 26 years old and has an immense future ahead, before this great injustice of the connoisseurs of the game in the Major Leagues alone It’s time to swallow and keep throwing.