Yankees: Jonathan Loaisiga presents bad news; says Aaron Boone

Yankees Jonathan Loaisiga presents bad news says Aaron Boone

Enjoy all sporting events for only $5.99 per month The bad news continues for the New York Yankees, now, Aaron Boone confirms that he will lose Jonathan Loaisiga, as he goes to the disabled list. The Nicaraguan has had a very complicated start to the campaign, the numbers have not been those of 2021. Jonathan … Read more

Yankees: Jonathan Loáisiga ‘shows off’ his vacation in his native Nicaragua

The players of the MLB they are already resting after having played 162 games (or more, depending on the case) and most of them do so in their native country. Such is the case of Jonathan Loáisiga, who ‘bragged’ how enjoy your vacation in Nicaragua after you have finished your commitments with New York Yankees. … Read more

The millions of dollars that Jonathan Loáisiga would lose with the strike in the Major Leagues

En route to his first year of umpiring, Jonathan Loáisiga is going to get a significant raise to his salary as a major league pitcher. After a year in which he shone among the best relievers in baseball, Loáisiga could go from the $ 595,800 he earned in 2021 to $ 1,750,000, according to the … Read more

Good news on the Yankees! Sensation Jonathan Loáisiga will already have a return date to MLB

New York Yankees received and shared good news in the last hours as it was announced that Jonathan Loáisiga would already have a return date to launch on the MLB after several days out of action following a injury. The Nicaraguan could be activated in the roster of the ‘Mules’ this week, in the final … Read more

Yankees put Jonathan Loaisiga on injured list

The New York Yankees placed the coach Jonathan Loaisiga on the 10-day disabled list Sunday for a right rotator cuff strain. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Loaisiga will not pitch for at least 10 days. Who is MLB’s number one player for the 2021 season? Our experts ranked the top 100 players as the season … Read more

Yankees: Jonathan Loaisiga is inactivated and Yankees call Albert Abreu

The Yankees from New York put the Nicaraguan on the 10-day disabled list Jonathan Loaisiga and incidentally, they raised again the Dominican Albert Abreu in the MLB. Just when Aroldis Chapman blew a game last Saturday against the Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees now they receive the news that they will not count for 10 ten … Read more

Serious injustice with Jonathan Loáisiga in the Major Leagues

Baseball America conducted a survey of managers, coaches, scouts and senior baseball executives in the American League asking them who are the players with the best tools at different positions in the game. In the poll, the Nicaraguan Jonathan Loáisiga was not mentioned even though his numbers are explosive and he has seven consecutive starts … Read more

Jonathan Loáisiga reveals the secret of his great level with Yankees: Nicaraguan roasted carnita

A player who has undoubtedly been a revelation this season for the New York Yankees is the Nicaraguan Jonathan Loáisiga, who has been the best pitcher on the team all year, going from being a sixth man in the rotation of the Bronx Bombers in their early years in MLB interspersed with the bullpen, to … Read more

Al Rojas Alive: Dominican Freddy Peralta leads the ranking, Loaisiga rises to the top 5

Al Rojas Alive Dominican Freddy Peralta leads the ranking Loaisiga

The dominican Freddy peralta retains first place, while the Nicaraguan Jonathan Loaisiga enters for the first time to the class of above, in the tenth chapter of “Al Rojas Vivo”, that by 16th. consecutive year publishes ESPN Digital weekly during the regular season of Major League Baseball in the United States. “Al Rojas Vivo”, which … Read more