Rodríguez CAME THROUGH THE BORDER just days ago and ALREADY HAS A TEAM in the United States

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The young receiver from Spiritus, Loidel Rodríguez, has been one of the most active players among those who left the Cuba team in the III U23 Baseball World Cup, held between September 23 and October 2 in the state of Sonora, Mexico. .

Loidel was the third player to escape of the group directed by Eriel Sánchez and the first to cross the border of Mexico with the United States and enter the United States, with the aim of achieving a contract in professional baseball for the Giant of the North. To do this, he contacted agent Carlos Pérez, who already has previous experience on the issue of Cubans.

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On the night of this Monday, October 11, the Cuban prospect and his manager they were invited to “The Complete Swing Show”, the star space of our YouTube channel, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8:30 pm Cuba and Eastern United States time.

For approximately one hour, both of them debated live with the program’s team, answering questions about the entire escape process, crossing the border, arriving in the United States, signing with the agent and the possibility of Loidel being accepted into Miami Dade College, to take a solid first step toward the 2022 amateur draft.

«The Cuban player who crosses the border and arrives in the United States, as is the case with Loidel, the best way for him to sign professionally and have his quality (economically) valued is by playing for a Junior College, which gives him the possibility of doing it for two seasons, “explained Carlos Pérez on the program.

“These guys, who are from the Cuba team, have already been observed by international scouts, who have a report on them,” added the agent, who emphasized his advice to all Cuban players that baseball in the United States is not the same as in Cuba or in international events, but the quality is superior.

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The manager also explained that the Junior College concentrates part of the best of American baseball at the collegiate level and that many players do not advance further on the professional path because they are not good students, a mandatory parameter in that sense, but quality does. that is guaranteed.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 12) is his litmus test to be admitted to Miami Dade College,” the agent announced on the show, indicating that the entire morning would be dedicated to Loidel, evaluating his offensive and defensive capabilities.

“What he does there is what will define whether or not he stays at Miami Dade,” explained Pérez, who said in a joking tone: “I’m not worried about his hitting, but the defense, well I gave him a mascot. again and I am afraid that the ball will bounce a lot there ».

However, Carlos Pérez’s concerns were not necessary because today we received the news from the agent himself that Loidel Rodríguez passed the test to which he was subjected and, therefore, managed to be accepted in the aforementioned school.

“Loidel looked very good, the coaches were impressed with the boy, his technique and his skills with the bat. It has already been officially accepted and all the procedures for its incorporation to the school are beginning “, expressed Carlos Pérez exclusively for Swing Completo, after the tryout, whose images were published on the Twitter profile of journalist Yordano Carmona from Pelota Cubana.

«Loidel is going to study English, that’s the subject they gave him, so that he can master the language well. In just a few days you will be playing ball. In January the season begins, where we hope he will have a very good performance, playing mainly first base and sometimes as receiver, “he added.

“They saw an impressive physique, clean fielding, an excellent swing and power at bat (all the balls landed where the coach wanted). We are very happy and he is on the right track to try to sign a professional through the amateur draft. With the papers they give you here, the work permit and the insurance, you can now seek that goal, “said the agent.

Carlos Pérez has found an important gap for Cuban players who come to the United States, achieving that both the pitcher from the capital Andy Rodríguez and Loidel, are accepted at Miami Dade College, a first decisive step to fulfill their dreams of reaching the Big leagues.