“No idea, we’ll see, we haven’t talked” Boone about his future in the Yankees after elimination

The future is uncertain for Aaron Boone and the Yankees… singled out as one of the biggest culprits in his playoff elimination, Boone faces disrepute with fans and lack of results in his 4 seasons as manager of MLB.

Is Boone going or staying in the Yankees?

Since 1922 no manager of the yankees have run their first 5 years without a World Series, Aaron boone (to follow next year) would be the first in over 90 years.

Does Boone deserve that trust? Well that depends on how it is measured, little can we reproach Boone in attitude, dougout handling and motivation in the locker room. It seems that Boone has put together a solid, resilient ninth that has been able to handle the pressure of NY more or less well …

But no World Series. And if this were Arizona, Boone’s continuity would not be in doubt after another positive mark in one of the toughest divisions in baseball and a spectacular finish to the wild card. But this is not Arizona and the expectations on one of the most expensive payrolls in MLB are high.

Is Boone guilty of this new disaster?

There is little we can blame him in this game, he took Cole out when he had to, he surprised with a line up that gave results in Rizzo, he sent the best of his bull pen… guilty, he is not guilty.

But it will always be easier to get out of the manager than to accept unsustainable signatures and absurd decisions made in the analytics department. Or not?

What do you say?

As soon as Boone has clarified that little he knows about his future, “No idea, we’ll see, we haven’t talked,” he said at a press conference at the end of the game when questioned about his future in the Yankees.

We’ll see.