Need to come back in the ninth inning? Call LaMonte Wade Jr. of Gigantes

There is no doubt that the biggest surprise of this MLB season is the San Francisco Giants., who have consistently been the best team this year and are flying to have the best record in all of the major leagues and be champions in their division over the always favorite Los Angeles Dodgers. The truth is that one of the great qualities of this team is its resistance to difficult situations and whatever it is, they get out of trouble, with one of his players being the expert in pressing moments.

It is about the sensation LaMonte Wade Jr., who after the comeback that the Giants gave on Wednesday against the Rockies to sweep the series, in which they scored 4 runs in the ninth to win 7-4 against the hosts, the star without a doubt the 27-year-old outfielder, who in the ninth hit a two-line RBI single to start the rally that led to the Bay’s victory.

With this hit at the key moment, LaMonte is being a specialist to be productive in the ninth inning, since he is now 15-9 with a homer, a double, a triplet and 9 RBIs in that inning during the season, confirming perhaps how the most “clutch” player in all of MLB.

Wade is having a breakthrough season along with nearly the entire Giants roster, with a .257 / .333 / .519 batting line with 17 home runs, 45 RBIs and a 127 OPS + on a balanced team that has no dependence. of the production of a single player.

Gabriel Delgado

I started as a rookie on Al Bat in early 2018 and am going for my third season covering Major League Baseball as a web reporter. I am a fan of the San Francisco Giants, a number one defender of Barry Bonds and a critic of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto and Ronald Acuña are the future of baseball, Mike Trout is overrated, and the Astros deserved to be taken away from the World Series for cheating. Besides baseball, I also enjoy soccer, football, basketball, and just about any other game that includes a ball or a ball. I am also an amateur musician, penniless gamer and very nerdy. Graduated in journalism from the University of Guadalajara, I graduated in 2017. Born in the shrimp capital of the world, Escuinapa, Sinaloa. I lived in Australia for a while; i survived giant spiders, tasmanian devils, and fought a kangaroo and didn’t die trying.

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