MLB: Yankees in pursuit of a $ 200 million SS

According to analysts, 3 superstar shortstop players will be released to free agency from MLB this winter: Carlos Correa, Trevor Story and Corey Seager… and the yankees they are targeting all three of them.

It seems that this 2021 with the experiment of Gleyber Torres in the short stop the yankees They have only prolonged the inevitable: they need a shortstop. But not just anyone, a H.H bully at the height of Derek Jeter and the story of the ninth most powerful of Major League Baseball.

3 are the options on the horizon, all three with a maximum cost of about $ 200 million according to experts and if everything goes according to plans: the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, the gringo from Colorado Trevor story and the dodger phenomenon Corey seager.

Three players of proven class, considered by many to be not only the best in their position but perhaps one of the best litters of shortstops in free agency in sooo many years. AND the yankees they smell the blood.

Let us briefly analyze the case of each one of them and the circumstances that could make it difficult (or not) to sign them …

1.- Trevor Story, the old school horse

The betting favorite. Trevor story Perhaps he is the most balanced of the three: effective at bat and spectacular on defense, he has been considered an elite player in his position for years. Inexplicable that the Rockies don’t seem to want to renew him, but hey what makes sense in Colorado in recent years?

Extra fact: The Yankees-Colorado baseball romance already has a couple of famous casualties in recent years with LeMahieu and Ottavino. His friendship with LeMahieu may tip the balance.

Extra fact 2: the fan favorite at Yankee Stadium for his record as a serious and unscanned baseball player and, furthermore, no record with any rival team from the yankees.

Signature possibilities: 7/10

2.- Carlos Correa, controversy and explosiveness with a Puerto Rican flavor

This is a loooong shot, but if they do it the Yankees would be surprising more than one in MLB.

Recall that Correa and the Yankees have a long history with the signal theft controversy and the entire commissioner’s investigation. The Puerto Rican was one of the main names and the fans of the Mules fired up just hearing the Astros named.

Can you imagine Correa at Yankee Stadium with the striped jacket? We see it difficult, but hey not impossible.

Signature possibilities: 3/10

3.- Corey Seager, seriousness and effectiveness with affection from LA

In case of Seager it seems halfway between Story and Correa.

Without major scandals or controversy, Seager has a reputation as an effective player without drama. Not as “boring” as Story, but not as “explosive” as the Puerto Rican Correa.

Against? His Dodger past might not play much in his favor among old-guard fans and players.

Signature possibilities: 6/10

What is MLB free agency?

It is the period of time that Major League Baseball teams have to sign. It starts from the second one after the World Series ends and ends days before the Opening Day of the following season.

What is a Major League Baseball Free Agent?

Any active player who does not have a contract or is ending one. In other words, a player looking to sign.