MLB: These are the brands that Miguel Cabrera pursues in the month of September

Miguel Cabrera this season managed to enter the select group of the 3,000 indisputable for life in the Major Leagues and has also surpassed different Hall of Fame immortals in other categories.

Cabrera is currently in position number 24 in the department with the most connected hits in the Major Leagues with 3,079 hits and is 10 hits behind Ichiro Suzuki, who is in line number 23 with 3,089 hits.

In connected doubles, the Creole is in the 14th place with 607 two-base hits and is chasing Hank Aaron who is in the 13th place of all time with 624 tubeys.

In full-round hits, Miguel Cabrera is ranked 27th all-time with 506 homers and there are 3 homers by Gary Sheffield, who has a total of 509 homers.

The Maracayero is in position number 15 in the RBI department with a total of 1,841 and is on the hunt for Carl Yastrzemski who sits in the 14th slot with 1,844 RBIs.

Miguel Cabrera has a very difficult time being able to overcome or reach different marks, because the player has had different physical discomforts. Detroit Tigers manager AJ Hinch I decide to create a game plan to avoid a serious injury to the Venezuelan.

The plan is that the Maracay player does not play on consecutive days and when there are double-header matches, only the Venezuelan will be able to play the first match.

Cabrera also made several adjustments to his hitting mechanics.. The main thing he’s trying to do is hit as many hits as possible.

That has caused the Creole to stop connecting as many extra-base hits as he had been doing in previous campaigns and that makes it difficult for him to continue advancing aggressively in the home run and doubles departments.

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MLB: These are the brands that Miguel Cabrera pursues in the month of September