Julio Urías confesses to ESPN his two dreams: Match ‘Toro’ Valenzuela in victories and Cy Young

Julio Urías confesses to ESPN his two big dreams for the season that is about to conclude in MLB: equaling El Toro Valenzuela’s figure of 20 wins and aspiring to the Cy Young

The Mexican Julio Urías will seek to reach 20 games won when Los angeles dodgers Face the Milwaukee Brewers and with it begin to fulfill one of your two wishes that you have for this 2021.

In interview for ESPN, the pitcher originally from Sinaloa, expressed that his dream is to put his name next to that of Fernando Valenzuela, but also look for the Cy Young, one of the most desired recognitions in the MLB.

“Of course, winning 20 games is something great, spectacular and as a countryman and something that Fernando did, of the many he has, being next to those names is something great,” he said. Uriah about Valenzuela, but also on Teodoro Higuera and Esteban Loaiza, who also achieved 20 wins.

“They are dreams, goals and one thinks they are difficult and with work and effort they are achieved, but mainly my challenge was to stay healthy this year,” said the 25-year-old player.

Julio Urías He recognized that fighting for him Cy young It was not in their plans, but this has changed with the passing of the games and the victories obtained. Given this, the pitcher recognized that being among the names that sound for the award is already an achievement.

“It was not my biggest goal this year to Cy young, but with the numbers that we put it has emerged. Even if they have us there last (of the nominees), I already feel blessed, “he said with a laugh. Julio Urías.

In the same way, he said that it does not bother him that he is not considered in the conversation by the MVP of the season.

“No, it does not bother me. There are tremendous players in this league, tremendous talent and incredible numbers. What comes out would be good, but my great challenge is to finish healthy and if it doesn’t happen is to take it in the best way, “he concluded.