Juan Soto showed Díaz that he can hurt him without help from the referee

The Domitian of Washington Nationals, Juan Soto hit a tremendous home run before the shipments of Puerto Rican Edwin Díaz and the New York Mets team in the MLB.

Juan Soto In the ninth inning with no one on base and his team trailing by two, he was able to select a good pitch and make a good contact to hit the 24th homer of the season, put the game down and silence Edwin Diaz.

A few weeks ago Edwin Díaz said that he believed he had struck out Juan Soto, but the referee went in favor of the Dominican. Today, Soto I didn’t miss even a pitch to ruin his outing.

The gardener Juan Soto he went excellently well for his opposing band and with good contact he was able to make the ball go home to avoid the shutout. That home run came out at a speed of 97 miles which means that it was a hit that did not last long in the air to fall through left field.

Here the video:

Notably Juan Soto He hits very well to the pitching of the New York Mets team in the Major Leagues, he showed it one more time and he never tires of doing it. The hit did not seem to leave the stadium, rather it seemed to go in the foul zone, since it was from the opposite band.

With this home run Juan Soto hit his 24th home run of the 2021 season, continues his brilliant second half in the 2021 season, credit to HR Derby.

Juan Soto He is a player who usually reaches the bases a lot, creates many situations at the plate, for example he is one of the players with the most walks received with 106.

Juan Soto is on course for 30 home runs in the season of the MLB, he still has a chance to be in at least the top 10 left-handed players with the most home runs this year.