Sammis Reyes fan? Learn how much it costs and how to buy your NFL Washington Football Team jersey


The Washington Football Team jersey number 80 will be the one that the national will wear in his first NFL experience.

Sammis Reyes will live his first season in the NFL in 2021. (Photo: @SammisReyes)


Sammis Reyes will live his first season in the NFL in 2021. (Photo: @SammisReyes)

The news that Sammis Reyes will participate in the 2021 NFL season brought with it new national football fans, However, this sport already has a considerable number of fans in Chilean territory.

Sammis Reyes made history this week by officially joining the ranks of the Washington Football Team for the 2021 campaign. being the first Chilean participant in the “Big Four”, that is to say, in one of the four major sports leagues in the United States, These are the NBA, MLB, NHL and of course the National Football League.

Reyes will wear the 80th Washington Football Team jersey, clothing that undoubtedly more than one Chilean will be interested in acquiring. The big problem? The official NFL clothing does not come directly to the country, So if you want to have the Sammis Reyes shirt, you must buy it directly in the United States.

Next, We explain how to acquire the “80” shirt by Sammis Reyes of the Washington Football Team.

Where to buy the Sammis Reyes shirt?

You must first go to the page, site where the American football league sells the products of the different franchises to the United States and the rest of the world.

Once on the site you can use the search engine at the top of the screen and write the name of Sammis Reyes, at that time you will get the option “sammis reyes jerseys” you just have to click and you will get different shirts of the Washington Football Team with number “00” and no name.

After that, you just have to click the color of the shirt you want and when you select it It will appear on the right side of the screen “select players”, where you can find the name of Sammis Reyes and his number, After that, you just have to choose the size and add it to the virtual cart.

Once added to the cart, You must start the payment process where you will be asked for your name, telephone, email, delivery address and other information such as the postal code that will make delivery easier.

The price of the Sammis Reyes shirt is US $ 149.99, that is, in Chilean peso it would be an approximate figure of about $ 115,000, to that value you have to add a tax and the cost of shipping to Chile which is US $ 24.95, that is to say about $ 19,000 pesos more approximately.

Sammis Reyes’ Washington Football Team jersey would have a total value of US $ 176.93, that would be about $ 135,882 Chilean pesos.

The Sammis Reyes 80 jersey is on sale now on the NFL Shop site.