Jorge Fuentes ANSWERED about directing the Federation or the Cuba Team

By Full Swing

There is no doubt that Jorge Fuentes from Pinar del Río continues to be one of the most beloved and respected figures by the Cuban fans.

The passage of time and his residence in South Florida have not reduced him an iota of consideration among the majority of fans, journalists, referees, coaches and players for his sporting achievements that together with his personal characteristics inspire many to take him out. shine when talking about a new president of the Federation or manager of the national team.

Some time ago our colleague Yasel Porto was at home of sources, As a result of the pre-Olympic tournament in Florida, and although the essential issue was precisely the performance of the Cuban team, other matters of great importance were also touched upon, such as their actual willingness to assume any of those positions in the event that the proposal came from Cuba.

Of the two functions, the most unlikely is undoubtedly the one that has to do with the leadership of the FCB for two essential reasons.

In the first place, there is the totally real fact that Jorge appears very distant from the radar of candidates from those linked to the proposal and selection mechanism within Cuba, among other things because the strategist twice Olympic champion resides most of the time abroad. . And more than that, in the United States.

But if that was not enough, the Cuban manager with the most titles between national and international events was very emphatic when asked about a very remote possibility of assuming the position that has been vacant since the death of Higinio Vélez Carrión from Santiago.

The arguments are totally understandable, especially when someone manages to stabilize their life and spend it in total tranquility with their loved ones, away from problems and controversies, outside of a context as complex as the one in Cuba today, and leaving behind a A record that, although it was not perfect, has sufficient prominence to maintain a positive criterion in a majority percentage of people beyond Pinar del Río itself.

Fuentes was more flexible with the direction of a national team, especially if it is an event as momentous as the World Classic, which will hold its fifth edition in the spring of 2023.

And although he left the door half open to assume responsibility and thus return to direct the main Cuba after being dismissed after losing the final of the 1997 Intercontinental Cup by the then president of the Olympic Committee José Ramón Fernández, he warned that a response affirmative would always be conditioned by a series of factors in its favor.

Logically, in that sense the possibility of summoning top-level players is included in order to have a squad that has enough strength to contend. Of course we speak especially of the Cuban “big leaguers”.

But today’s political reality may well have pushed away the dream of so many to unify Cuban emigrants and non-emigrants for a long time, so the perspective of the finalists of the 2006 Classic in the next version is quite limited. And with those fairly predictable thunders in this age that we live the intentions of Jorge Fuentes they would be reduced to an almost invisible percent.

Of course, there will be not a few who think right now that the Cuban authorities would never put someone who has been away from Cuban baseball for a long time, the one that is played inside, in the direction of the national team, regardless of the prestige gained by the Pinar del Río, his excellent relationships. with the players who left and stayed more a better knowledge of professional baseball and the Major Leagues than many who are still distant in that regard. Not only because of being in Cuba and having the limitation of the internet, the televising of those leagues and direct contact, but because of the whim of others to continue with their own ideas without looking at all the points in which the others surpass us.

The most likely thing that will happen with Jorge Fuentes in the future is to maintain that life full of tranquility in which from time to time he participates in activities and sporting events in which he again receives the affection and respect of the people, with the frustration of so many of which so much knowledge and professionalism are so wasted.