IT’S OVER? Washington Nationals gave bad news to Yasmany Tomás

By Juan Páez

As Héctor Lavoe sang: “Everything has its end”. Sadly, for Yasmany Tomás, the end of his active baseball career appears to be coming earlier than expected. The Washington Nationals announced that they fired the Tank this Friday, November 12, after a year of very poor performance in the minors and away from that 31-homer season in 2016 in the majors.

Taking into account the reality of most players, Thomas it forcibly says goodbye to diamonds in a situation that many might call privileged. Now the slugger can continue to enjoy, albeit 100 percent, the honeys of that contract he signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for six years and $ 68.5 million in 2014.

Tomás’ trajectory began at the top, but unfortunately ended in free fall. While it is true that he played 258 games with the desert between 2015 and 2016 (period in which he shot 49 doubles and 40 home runs), in 2017 he was injured after 47 commitments and then did not raise his head again.

When the 2017 campaign was lost, nothing was the same again. Always with a defense questioned by the coaches, Tomás was relegated by the D-Backs and sent to the Minor Leagues. In Triple A, where he spent all of 2018 and almost all of 2019, he won the home run festival (2019) and on one occasion he connected four bombs in the same challenge (May 20, 2019). It was in that year that Arizona brought him back to the majors, but only for four games and six plate appearances (no hits, three strikeouts).

That was the last we saw of the Tank at the most demanding level of baseball, the same scenario that saw him take 31 balls out of the park in 2016. The industrialist, having a good time in the National Series, signed a Minor League contract with the Nationals on March 29, but after he didn’t make the big team during Spring Training, the capitalists kept him in the category that precedes the majors until the last moment.

In this way, Yasmany remains in a limbo that only he can decide, because although there has been speculation about going to play in Asia, surely there will be nothing until the Tank announces it.

Tomás, who will turn 31 this November 14, leaves a career as a Major League Baseball player with 295 total hits, 60 doubles, 48 ​​home runs, 163 RBIs, 131 runs scored, 61 walks and 299 strikeouts over 309 games. , all with the Diamondbacks. These numbers are accompanied by a line of .266 / .306 / .459 and an OPS of .765.

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IT’S OVER? Washington Nationals gave bad news to Yasmany Tomás