How much do you know about the 2022 Hall of Fame candidates?

By Dency Milan

Sunday, November 5, 2021 will be a day remembered by many, for others it will be the wonderful day, that we saw Orestes ‟Minnie” Miñoso and Tony Oliva exalt to the Hall of Fame (HOF).

Two of the greatest Cubans in baseball from Major League Baseball-MLB, they had that honor, after according to the opinion of this server, it was an injustice to both at the time not to enter them, but life recognizes the immortals, and ends up rewarding them.

With all this excitement I asked myself a question: How much do we know about the nominees on this year’s ballots? I propose to make a reminder of the most outstanding and some things that you should know.

First, it must be noted that each player eligible to integrate the ballot, and have the right to vote, must have an outstanding career as an essential factor with more than 10 seasons, then be eligible in the fifth year of his retirement from active Major League Baseball. If you accumulate 75 percent of the votes or more, the player becomes a member of the HOF, if you get less than five, he will not appear on the next ballot, and can only appear in 10 consecutive years. If not chosen, players have another chance to enter the temple of the immortals, when the veterans committee makes another vote and you may be eligible in the last option, the temple of the immortals.

The vote is carried out by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA), who select a group of players to rest in Cooperstown.

There is more about this, but let’s focus on 2022, this year’s ballot has a particularity, there are three players who have many marks and records, but all that is put into question due to the use of prohibited substances.

A total of 30 players, 13 players who are for the first time, four who are their last choice, the rest looking to stay one more year or be chosen. Although only one player has been chosen unanimously, Mariano Rivera, many have passed by without being chosen.

This year the controversy raises all the alarms, as a quartet of stellar players will be in their final year, who when accused of using prohibited substances to improve their performance, would long ago be in the Hall of Fame.

Barry bonds, the home run king

The MLB home run leader with 762, in addition to possessing 1996 RBIs, 2,227 runs scored, 2,558 walks of which 688 intentional bases (leading in both departments in MLB), and 514 stolen bases, with an offensive line of. 298 AVE / .444 OBP / .607 SLG / 1.051 OPS / 182 OPS + and a bWAR 162.7 (4th in MLB). During his 22 years at the highest level in baseball, he achieved: seven MVPs (1990, 1992, 1993, 2000-2004), three Player of the Year awards (1990, 2001, 2004), 14 All-Star Games (1990, 1992-1998 ), two Batting Titles (2002 and 2004), eight Gold Gloves (1990-1994,1996-1998), 12 Silver Bats (1990-1994, 1996-1997, 2000-2004), and winner of a Derby of Home runs All of this is enough to make him a full member of the HOF, but his slick using substances has led him into the final year of election. If he does not obtain 75 percent of the votes, Barry Bonds would be leaving the ballots behind and his inclusion in the temple of the Immortals would be left to the veterans committee. His last vote reached the highest percent at 61.8, inefficient for the required 75 percent.

Rogers ‟The Rocket “ Clemens

Launcher with all the necessary tools to prevail, victorious wherever he presented himself. On top of the box he was an impossible colossus to demolish, and this is shown by the numbers he achieved in the Major Leagues. With 24 seasons and a 384-154 record, a 3.12 ERA in 4916 and two-thirds of work innings, with 4672 strikeouts and a 1.17 WHIP, for a bWAR of 139.2 during his career. He accumulated numerous outstanding awards, among them: an MVP (1986), seven Cy Young (1986,1987, 1991, 1997,1998, 2001, 2004), two Tiples Corona (1997, 1998), 11 All-Star Games (1986, 88, 90, 92, 97, 98, 2001-2005), two World Series (1999-2000), in addition to being awarded the best Player of the Year (1986). Clemens is certainly a pitcher with incredible numbers, but he has the same blemish as Barry Bonds. His last vote reached the highest percent at 61.6, inefficient for the required 75 percent.

Curt schilling, the legendary launcher

You always need to have a good pitcher, but if you have Curt, you have a plus of always winning. During his 20 years in the Major Leagues, the Arkansas native left impressive numbers, numbers that any mortal sees from a distance in order not to arrive. Although Schilling is linked to the substance scandal, no one has been able to prove that this really happened, and this has cost him to enter his last vote in 10 years. With 216-146, 3.46 ERA, in 3,261 innings of work, 3,116 strikeouts and WHIP of 1.13, and bWAR of 79.5. He also won three World Series titles (2001, 2004, 2007), a World Series MVP (2001) and another in the National League Championship Series (1993), and six appearances in the All-Star Game (1997- 1999, 2001,2002, 2004). In the last vote it reached 71.1 percent, insufficient to enter the temple of the immortals, but it has more possibility in this last year, and can obtain the 75 required to enter.

Sammy Sosa, the Cubs’ home runner

Born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, Samuel Peralta Sosa, was recognized for his battles with Mark McGwire within the National League. With a lifetime fixed line in the majors with four teams and 18 seasons (13 of them with the Cubs), Sammy .273 AVE / .344 OBP / .534 SLG / .878 OPS, hitting 609 homers, 1,475 runs scored, 1,667 RBIs and 234 stolen bases. With this performance he achieved: an MVP (1998), seven appearances in the All-Star Game (1995, 1998-2002, 2004), six Silver Bats (1995, 1998-2002). Plus a Home Run Derby. Sosa is another player entering his final year of voting for the Hall of Fame (HOF), but his stark scandal on steroids has put little value on his numbers and feats. In the previous year he achieved only 17 percent of the votes, and he has never been able to exceed 20, since I doubt that the Dominican can enter the Hall of Fame.

Undoubtedly these players have enough numbers to enter the Temple of the Immortals, but the stain of prohibited substances has made them reach their final year with the uncertainty if they will be eligible or not. For now the only one who is seen with real options is Curt Schilling, although many of those responsible for the ballots have said that Clemens and Bond could be placed, the truth is that if they do not reach 75, they will have to wait for the veterans committee to do so. .

As I always say, time will tell if they can be Immortal or not. What do you think? Wait in the next one other of those chosen for class 2022 …

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How much do you know about the 2022 Hall of Fame candidates?