Frazier returned to ‘bite the hand’ of whoever fed him; criticized Yankees prior to series vs. Cubs

clint frazieroutfielder who once played for the New York Yankeesone more time criticized his former team. The “Red Thunder, as his teammates usually call it, arrived at the Bronx with your team, chicago cubssince starting this Friday they will face a series of three games at the Bombers’ home.

Frazier declared to be against facial hair policy that the organization implemented since 1973, when it prohibited all its players from shaving their beards and reducing the length of their hair. “You had to be a standard version to be on that team (Yankees). If you weren’t, then you were like a really bad distraction, apparently. So no wonder they tell me what I had to look like for the last five years.”

Following his signing with the Cubs, Frazier has grown out his red beard and mustache, which he says makes him feel freer to be himself and more comfortable on the field.

Frazier will return to Yankee Stadium this Friday for the first time since signing a free agent contract with the Cubs last offseason. The former first-round pick of the Bronx Mulos ended his era with the New York team hitting .239/.327/.434 with 29 home runs and 97 RBIs in 228 games.

With the Windy City, he has hit .216/.356/.297 in 19 games for the Cubs so far, though his season was halted by appendicitis.

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Frazier returned to ‘bite the hand’ of whoever fed him; criticized Yankees prior to series vs. Cubs