Family SECURED TITLE of World Series 2021: “We know that we are going to have a trophy at home”

By Dency Milan

When next Tuesday at 8:09 p.m. at Minute Maid Park, the duel between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves begins, for the World Series of the 2021 season, there will already be a family that is assured of taking the long-awaited title to home.

When the Astros won Game 6 against the Boston Red Sox, Brian Snitker congratulated his son Troy on reaching the World Series of Major League Baseball – MLB. The message was one of happiness for his son’s work, but inside there was an implicit message, ‟See you soon”, perhaps the father said to the son, when Brian also managed to lead the team he leads to the 2021 World Series.

Both teams with different predictions, both Snitker with different functions and responsibilities, the truth is that both have influenced their respective teams to be discussing the championship of the best baseball in the world.

Troy is the one in charge of that fearsome battery of the Houston Astros look indecipherable to the pitchers, led by the MVP of the series Yordan alvarez, seconded by Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman, Yuliesky Gurriel, José Altuve and Kyle Tucker, among others.

Brian is more committed in terms of responsibility, serving as Manager of the Atlanta set, with prominent figures under his command, such as Freddy Freeman, Ozzie Albies, Eddie rosario, Jorge Soler, Ian Anderson, Austin Riley, Charlie Morton. With so much responsibility on his back, this time he managed to play his cards well, not to reach the seventh game and be eliminated like the previous season, but he settled the powerful Dodgers in six games.

The Snitkers have made statements to downplay the matter, but the truth is that both yearn to take the title.

For the manager of the Atlanta Braves beyond his first visit to the World Series it will be special. “The Snitkers are going to have a World Series trophy at their home here. I don’t know who will be the owner, but we are going to have one ». After a long journey in baseball, Brian Snitker is heading to the World Series. He will have to go through Troy Snitker’s team to win it all.

Troy will be in the fall classic once again, having lost it in 2019 to Washington, he has also been conservative when it comes to trying to decipher his father’s strategy. Hitting coach Troy Snitker facing his father, Braves manager Brian Snitker, in the World Series: “For our family, I don’t know if we can imagine anything bigger than this” and when the FaceTimed family last night said: Oh my God, can you believe this is really happening?

But the essence is that father and son will be playing their cards to obtain the title. Although both have said that no matter who takes it home it will be a family joy, but the truth is that there will be one happy and the other happy for the other, but with mixed feelings.

We can only wait for the outcome of the World Series, so if we can have no doubt that there will always be reasons in that house to remember October 2021.

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Family SECURED TITLE of World Series 2021: “We know that we are going to have a trophy at home”