EXCLUSIVE: Cuban prospect in Dominican: “In the shortstop I was shooting up to 92MPH and they decided to become a pitcher”

By Lázaro Andrés Reyes

When he was only seven years old, he began to take his first steps in the passionate world of baseball in the “Pequeños Campeones” field of his native municipality of Yaguajay in the central province of Sancti Spíritus.

That great adrenaline that usually characterizes him was what led him to feel that deep love for this sport since from his early years he always enjoyed the game with his friends from the neighborhood, leading him to grow up in an environment where he could be by his side. breathe baseball.

“The main motivation that has led me to play it up to now has been my great love for baseball since for me it is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle both on and off the field” begins expressing the young Christian Gómez.

But always despite his age, the moments with those coaches who taught him the fundamentals of the sport of balls and strikes will remain in his memory.

“During my career I have passed through the hands of many coaches. I remember that Yoelvis Pérez was the one who discovered my talent and he was the one who spoke with me to talk about training, then Arlet Hurtado was in charge of helping me to continue growing since he was my guide throughout my career through the lower categories ”.

“Then I joined the EIDE and all those years I was under the command of David Pérez, David Pérez Jr. Luna together with the group of coaches who developed me to the next level as a high-performance athlete.”

“The work in Cuba has contributed a lot to me, practically everything I know is thanks to the work of each group of coaches who trained me in the lower categories, so they will always have my respects as coaches, friends and parents that they were.”

In the same way, despite being in the distance, the talented pitcher remembers those good moments that he enjoyed with his teammates at an early age.

“The entire trajectory through the lower categories is very hard, there are many years of dedication, hard work and persistence on the field. The process was very nice because you felt that harmony within the team in the competitions. There were many set goals that we managed to meet and that marked my life as an athlete, ”says Christian.

Sometimes a great sacrifice is necessary in order to achieve a dream that changes our lives and in this case at his young age, the man from Spiritus left the country in search of making those dreams come true despite leaving his loved ones.

“I decided to leave the country because of that desire to improve myself and to help my family, each head is a different world and my world is baseball.”

“Family is the most important thing in this life, in truth words would not be enough to tell you what I feel in the moments that I think about them. There are days when all I do is remember them and then I can’t find how to get out of those thoughts. There are really only two options: take them as motivation or give up and I always take them as my greatest motivation because being away from them will not last forever. “

Have you thought in those moments of giving up your dreams?

“Those thoughts always go through our minds, on this journey those ideas come to you very often, but if I have already made that decision to fight for my dreams I am not going to give up at this point because bad times are not forever, there will come a day in the one that all this ends. “

As it is known by the fans, there are many changes that our players carry out in their preparation to reach Big leagues and in this case Christian Gómez was no exception.

“When I got to the Dominican Republic, I was playing at shortstop, but when I arrived there were a lot of shortstop preparing for the presentations, that is, I was a bit late. When I was playing shortstop I was shooting up to 92MPH and they decided to become a pitcher. It was very costly to adapt to new training sessions, even when I got into the box I had to work hard for two years to achieve 92MPH, but thank God things have been working out and today I feel much more comfortable when pitching ”. The young man expresses that he has also seen his greatest idol in the MVP of the Fourth World Classic.

“Since I arrived in the Dominican Republic and gradually learned about baseball, I began to follow the pitcher. Marcus stroman, he is my inspiration and my example to follow since I identify with him by his way of throwing and playing baseball in a hot way. ”

Very exhausting are each of the days carried out by these young talents who dream of becoming those great stars of the future within the MLB.

“I am currently working hard on the training plan every day to be able to fulfill what is required of me and be ready for presentations to the 30 Major League Baseball organizations in the not too distant future.”

“Right now my goal is to finish the training plan and get a contract, I did not focus on what I can do in a couple of years” declared before leaving a few words to his followers the spiritual young man or that he is also a faithful follower of basketball. NBA.

“To my colleagues who are struggling in search of a firm, tell them not to give up and have faith because that long-awaited moment will only come with hard work and concentration.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Cuban prospect in Dominican: “In the shortstop I was shooting up to 92MPH and they decided to become a pitcher”