Eastern stars will bet on imported talent in their pitching staff

The team from the city of San Pedro de Macorís will seek to return to the postseason after being eliminated in six games by the Gigantes del Cibao in the semifinal of the 2020-21 campaign

The Eastern Stars have made the announcement that they will have ten imported players to start the 2021-22 season of the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM), scheduled to begin at the end of next October.

The new manager of the set, Felix peguero, indicated that of the group of 10 imported that they plan to bring to the next tournament, seven of them will be pitchers, maintaining a trend that the team has shown in recent years, of bringing a significant number of pitchers to form part of their team.

Out of the pool, six of them will be pitchers pitching multiple innings, which probably speaks to the depths that the Stars will go with at least five starters, while a sixth man could be a long reliever or used in games of “bullpen”In which no more than three or four entries are required. The last man will go to the short relay, so it would be a setter or someone to throw the seventh inning, if necessary.

The other three positions will be filled by position players, among whom they will bring a receiver and the other two will depend on the material that the team has available with its native players.

Additionally, the Stars have the first overall selection of the LIDOM Rookie Draw, there is a lot of expectation about the player that they will take when the time comes.

Further, Peguero revealed that Eastern Stars They will have a mini training camp that will begin on September 20, in preparation for the next season. It will be headed by the leader Fernando Tatis, who returns to the team after being released less than a year after leading the team to their first championship in 51 years.

This mini-championship will be completely optional for the players, taking into account that several of them have commitments with other teams in foreign leagues and it will precede the formal start of training for the 2021-22 campaign.