Clayton Kershaw, the new strikeout king in Dodgers history

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw is the new strikeout king in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB.

Through the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Detroit Tigers game, Clayton Kershaw struck out a total of four batters to become the all-time leader in strikeouts in the history of MLB.

Clayton Kershaw wasn’t sure whether to sign with the Texas Rangers or stay with the Dodgers heading into the MLB 2022, Nevertheless, returned to where he has always been and is now the historical leader of strikeouts of said organization. He did it by striking out Spencer Torkelson, a rookie for the Detroit Tigers.



Top 10 pitchers with the most strikeouts in team history:

  • 1. Clayton Kershaw (2,697) in 14 seasons.
  • 2. Don Sutton (2,696) in 16 seasons.
  • 3. Don Drysdale (2,486) in 14 seasons
  • 4. Sandy Koufax (2,396) in 12 seasons
  • 5. Dazzy Vance (1,918) in 12 seasons
  • 6. Fernando Valenzuela (1,759) in 11 seasons
  • 7. Orel Hershiser (1,456) in 13 seasons
  • 8. Johnny Podres (1,331) in 13 seasons
  • 9. Ramón Martínez (1,314) in 11 seasons
  • 10. Bob Welch (1,292) in 10 seasons

It’s no secret to anyone that next season, we could see Clayton Kershaw’s 3,000th strikeout and hopefully it would be this season, which is unlikely. If there is a player whose number is about to retire in the Los Angeles Dodgers, it is that of Kershaw, who has been an icon and throughout his career has collected countless awards such as:

  • 1-time MVP, Triple Crown, 3-time Cy Young, 5-time ERA title, gold glove, 8-time all-star and 2020 World Series champion.

Numbers for life:

  • 188 wins, 84 losses, 2.49 ERA, 383 starts, 2,471 innings, 2,697 strikeouts.

If he doesn’t have problems with steroids or other things during the remainder of his MLB career, it’s a fact that Kershaw is a faithful Hall of Fame candidate for both the Dodgers and Cooperstown.


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Clayton Kershaw, the new strikeout king in Dodgers history