César Prieto’s agent also has a pitcher from the Cuba team who will go to the draft in the United States

By Full Swing

The Cienfuegos infielder César Prieto continues his training for his presentation to the scouts and thus achieve his dream of signing a contract in professional baseball in the United States after leaving the national team last May.

After eloping from his team upon arrival at the West Palm Beach hotel just hours before the Florida pre-Olympic tournament began, the highly valued prospect formalized his tie with David Hastings and Josefa González Hastings as the player’s agents.

The main antecedent of this marriage had been another infielder from Cienfuegos who has been playing in the MLB for years, Yoan Moncada, who was awarded a 31.5 million contract with Boston in March 2015 and from there also came the wife who still maintains.

Cesar Prieto began his training in Tampa, at the same time that he began his legal process in order to have the right to be considered eligible to sign, either in the international draft or in the amateur draft if he stayed in the United States.

The decision of what many consider to be the best talent in Cuban baseball who does not yet belong to any Major League Baseball franchise to be represented by these people / company, along with other significant factors, made the pitcher from Villa Clara Pablo Luis Guillén will take the same determination.

Logically, this was also influenced by the friendship that both players have maintained for several years.

Guillén’s case is quite peculiar, since the talented pitcher refused to travel to a third country, including Spain, which, due to his status as a citizen of the European nation, could be a variant.

The leader in ERA of the 60th National Series, with experience in Venezuela’s 2020-21 winter season, had trained the first weeks with his countryman Orlando Chinea, but the monticulista switched a couple of weeks ago to another Tampa academy where The figure of the former Industriales pitcher Antonio Romero stands out.

There, for the moment, he maintains a strong training with a view to making his legal status official at first, to later have the right to enter the North American draft, the same situation that other Cubans who decided to take up residence in the United States will go through. the case of the capital closer Andy Rodríguez.

Guillén is a pitcher with material to reach at least the Minor Leagues. Only the improvement of its potentialities and overcome its technical defects and in general, plus a little luck for its results and above all, to be in an organization with enough space to include it perhaps in the upper level.

Pablo arrived in Miami this summer legally with an ESTA visa with the primary objective of spending “Fathers Day” and his birthday with his father Blas Guillén, although it was not the first time he had traveled to that country. Two years before he had done it as part of the Cuban team that under the direction of Rey Vicente Anglada played the CanAm League and the top against the local university team.

This 2021 although his exclusion from the squad that played the American pre-Olympic caused controversy, then he was included in the Caribbean Cup of Curaçao from which he gave up participating in order to fulfill his purpose of flying to the United States. Weeks after being in Florida, he announced that he would not return to Cuba for a while, for which he was dropped from the under-23 preselection for the World Cup in Mexico and later from the Villa Clara for the next National Series.

Of the pitchers who have left Cuba to establish a new goal, in this case within North American organized baseball, Guillén is one of those with the greatest powers.