Cardinals release pitcher who fought Yadier Molina in dugout

The team of Cardinals of San Luis, announced this Thursday that they free in full season 2021 of Major League Baseball -MLB to the pitcher Daniel Ponce de Leon, starting pitcher who is remembered this season for having a fight with Yadier Molina in the dogout.

About eight days ago, Daniel Ponce de León and Yadier Molina held a heated discussion in the cave of the Cardinals for a claim after consecutive tickets, something that surely as teammates they resolved but today, this player was released by the San Luis organization in full fight for the wild card in the 2021 MLB season.

Ponce de León, who has four years of experience in the MLB, all with the Cardinals, ended this cycle after 24 games and some numbers that left something to be desired, which is why his team made the decision to release him when he is currently fighting for the National League wild card.

Effect fight with Yadi?

The truth is that we do not know and I do not believe (I think), however for no one it is a secret that Yadier Molina is the player with the most horse and leader within the Cardinals, but we must also be honest and if we see the numbers of Daniel Ponce de León In the current MLB 2021 campaign, they are quite low and did not contribute much to their organization.

Numbers in 2021

Ponce de León had 24 games and only two starts this 2021 and although on paper he is a starter, this year he was used as a reliever and left a record of 1-1, with a high percentage of ERA of 6.21, two saves, 22 walks and just 24 strikeouts. In addition, he received 24 runs.

It has to be hoped that the future of this 29-year-old pitcher will be, but without a doubt, the most relevant thing he did in the 2021 MLB season was that altercation with Yadier Molina on September 15.