4 managers available if the New York Yankees fire Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees are in danger of not advancing to the postseason of the MLB in 2021. Currently, they are a long way from the top of the AL East and are also not part of the two wild-card spots available. If there is no baseball in the Bronx this October, there will be many changes to be made, starting with the club’s leadership.

Here are the four managers who would be available if the Yankees fire Aaron boone.

1. Buck Showalter

He is the team’s fan favorite. Showalter is currently working for the YES Network and is connected to the team. While his hiring would go against the new Yankee philosophy, the 65-year-old veteran has the character to control egos and cash in on the franchise’s million-dollar payroll.

2. Mark kotsay

He is the current third base coach for the Oakland Athletics and has a good reputation as a hitting coach. His personality fits perfectly within the organization and he has already had interviews in the past with other teams.

3. Don kelly

This season he is working as a bench coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but before coming to the Buccaneers he was one of those interviewed for the managerial position of the Boston Red Sox. In addition, he was part of the main office of the Detroit Tigers and assistant to the management of the Houston Astros.

Four. Phil Nevin

Nevin is the Yankees’ third base coach this season. He knows the organization and has a very good relationship with the players, something that he could take advantage of. In addition, he is trained to maintain part of the club’s culture and print new approaches to his managers.