WITH MANY DOUBTS Matanzas UPDATED preselection to Series 61

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The baseball authorities in Matanzas announced in the last hours, the update of the preselection of the Cocodrilos, current Cuban ball runners-up, from which the team that will represent the province in the upcoming 61st edition of the National Baseball Series will come out. , with an official start date for January 22, 2022, at the Mártires de Barbados stadium in Bayamo, with the duel between Yumurinos and Alazanes de Granma, current monarchs of the courtyard.

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A total of 60 players are already preparing at the Victoria de Girón stadium, under the guidance of experienced manager Armando Ferrer and a group of coaches who put the Cocos machinery in shape to face another domestic classic, although with many doubts to clear .

On the one hand, it is already known that Ferrer is one of the possible nominees to occupy the position of director of the Cuba team, a position that would remove him for four years from the Yumurino command, if it were to materialize, which would cause some forced movements.

«If I remain as the mentor of the Cuban national team, I must abandon my Crocodiles. The designation of who will be in charge will be decided by the National Baseball Commission in conjunction with the local Matanzas authorities who, of course, will request my criteria. Until now there is nothing concrete “, express Ferrer to the Girón Newspaper, a provincial press outlet.

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Returning to the preselection, it is divided into seven receivers, 17 infielders, 13 outfielders and 23 pitchers, made up of the bulk of the players who played the final of the Series 60 against Carlos Martí’s Alazanes, so they return to be the Yumurinos among the favorites to lift the crown of the National Series, an honor they deserved in the 59th edition.

However, many of those players will not start the season with the Crocodiles, as they have commitments to fulfill abroad, which will force the management of the squad to give a game to the substitutes. Among those “affected” is receiver Ariel Martínez, who is in Japan playing with the Chunichi Dragons, as well as Yurisbel Gracial, an experienced third baseman who participates in the same circuit with the SoftBank Falcons.

Similarly, regular shortstop Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena is in Nicaragua, waiter and third baseman Yadir Mujica and Yadil Drake play in the Mexican league, as does left-handed pitcher Yoennis Yera, while Aníbal Medina will join professional Spanish baseball.

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In the group of shortlisted, the absence of the infielder Moisés Esquerré stands out, who will play the Series 61 for Sancti Spíritus, while the veteran first baseman Yasiel Santoya had already made it clear a few months ago that I would not be with Matanzas in the coming season either..

On the other hand, in the line of incorporations, the pitchers Yamichel Pérez, former pitcher of the Gallos and the left-handed Dariel Góngora, from the Bulls of Camagüey, stand out, who will defend the Yumurinos colors from now on. . The young Villa Clara infielder Roberto Acea, one of those called to gain prominence at the beginning of the season, also joins the team.

The Guantanamo southpaw Dairon Mena, who had been authorized to play with Matanzas, he dropped due to injury from the preselection heading to the Cali-Valle 2021 Pan American Games and will be out of the game for several months.

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Without further ado, here I leave you with the preselection of the Matanzas Crocodiles for Seri 61, as reported on its Twitter profile by the provincial INDER, based on the news quoted from the Girón Newspaper.

Receivers (7): Ariel Martínez, Andrys Pérez, Roberto Loredo, Evelio Hernández, Danel Figueroa, Mauricio del Sol and Yoandry Jiménez.

Infield players (17): Yurisbel Gracial, Bárbaro E. Arruebarruena, Yadir Mujica, Jefferson Delgado, Yariel Duque, Aníbal Medina, Edel R. Tamayo, Brian Y. Rodríguez, Eriandy Ramón, Norlin D. García, Roberto Acea, Alberto Faría, Adrián Pérez, Eduardo Perreira, Diego Rodríguez, Addiel Cruz and Pavel A. Gómez.

Gardeners (13): Yadil Dreke, Eduardo Blanco, Ariel Sánchez, Javier Camero, Juan M. Vázquez, William Luis, Yoisnel Camejo, Roberto Álvarez, Luis Daniel, José M. Borroto, Dariel D. Rojo, Javier Montero and Adnier Guerra.

Launchers (23): Yoennis Yera, Noervis Entenza, Renner Rivero, Naykel Y. Cruz, Yamichel Pérez, Jonder Martínez, Joel Suárez, Dariel Góngora, Armando A. Dueñas, Yaniel Blanco, Reymon Piñero, Dairon Mena, Brayan Álvarez, Haykel Parra, Andy Quesada, Alain López, Yasmiel Doulofeu, Denis Quesada, Moisés Palacio, Lerwin Bencomo, Elián Quiñones, David Monzón and Oscar D. Piñera.

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WITH MANY DOUBTS Matanzas UPDATED preselection to Series 61