Why Julio Urías jumps onto the pitch with a song from Grupo Firme

The Mexican baseball player jumps onto the pitch with the Grupo Firme song reverberating in the local sound (Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea / REUTERS)

The dynamics of baseball allow each of the teams to make a large number of changes throughout the game. As motivation before your participation, the local sound adorns the players’ entrance with a song of their choice. Julio Urías, for his part, has chosen a song from Firm Group for the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season for a specific reason.

In a video released by the media TVC Sports, the 25-year-old pitcher said that the song “Hablando Claro”, performed by the Firm Group, was chosen for this season due to the empathy you feel with the lyrics. In the same way, he highlighted the successful step and achievements that the Tijuana, Baja California native group has had in its consolidation as one of the most listened to northern music ensembles today.

“The song that I go out to launch with is called ‘Talking Clear’ from Firm Group. The truth I chose it because I identify a lot with it and it is a group that is shining a lot in Mexico, as well as throughout the United States. Last year I had The Two Carnales and it’s still my favorite group, but Firm Group He is also doing something good for Mexican music and that is why I have it, because I identify with them ”, he highlighted during his speech.

Los Dos Carnales gave Julio Urías a bass guitar (Photo: Twitter / @MLB_Mexico)
Los Dos Carnales gave Julio Urías a bass guitar (Photo: Twitter / @MLB_Mexico)

“Be careful, they are going to criticize you for everything. For what you are, what you are not. Because of what you do and what hurts them. For what you say and what you have “, is the lyrics that, accompanied by a guitar and accordion, resound every time the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, jumps from the dugout or the bullpen towards the mound of Dodger Stadium. Their participation has even become so recurrent that the sound of songs by Mexican groups has been normalized in the stadium located in the city of Los Angeles, California.

And it is that the role that the Culichi, during his speeches, has been so satisfactory that has become one of the favorite players of the fans and the organization itself. Even during the month of September, a few days after the end of the regular season, the Mexican player received a visit from The Two Carnales, another norteño music group that he considers his favorite.

During the meeting, the brothers Imanol and Poncho Quezada had a brief presentation before the start of the match. Even in the moments before they left the Dodgers diamond, they gave him a special gift. A low fifth painted green, white and red, with his figure below the hole in the soundboard and the logo of the Dodgers organization, was the detail with which they made known their admiration for the pitcher.

The Los Angeles team released a special edition uniform in tribute to Spanish-speaking countries (Photo: Twitter / @ LosDodgers)
The Los Angeles team released a special edition uniform in tribute to Spanish-speaking countries (Photo: Twitter / @ LosDodgers)

“For our friend Julio Urías, from his friends Poncho and Imanol, Los Dos Carnales”, were the words with which the musical duet dedicated the curious gift to the successful Mexican pitcher.

The presence of Urías, as well as other players and fans from Spanish-speaking countries who have belonged to and supported the team, has had enormous relevance in much of the achievements of the Dodgers’ ninth. It is worth mentioning that, even before the arrival of Uriah, Fernando Valenzuela was one of the architects of the last team title obtained during the 1988 season.

Due to this, as well as the enormous presence of migrants in the city of Los Angeles, the team has paid tribute to the countries of Latin America. In that sense, they released a special edition uniform with the legend of “The Dodgers”, in reference to how the team is identified in the Spanish-speaking regions.