Who is the MLB manager who makes the most money in the 2021 season?

In an age of dazzling salaries among football players MLBIt is surprising to know the difference in checks between the great stars of the baseball field and those who run them.

Specialized publications such as USA Today have done work that shows the salaries of the leaders of the Big leagues. And to the amazement of many, the highest paid is not the champion of the World Series 2020.

With $ 2.4 million in guaranteed revenue for 2021, the highest paid manager in the majors today is Terry Francona, the helmsman of the Cleveland Indians.

Francona was a two-time champion with the Boston Red Sox and has two decades of coaching experience in the majors.

In the top 3 he is escorted by Joe Maddon of the Los Angeles Angels ($ 4 million) and Joe Girardi of the Philadelphia Phillies ($ 3.6 million).

One notch lower is the 2019 World Series champion with the Washington Nationals, Dave Martinez, and Bob Melvin (Oakland Athletics), both with $ 2.5 million.

Then comes Don Mattingly, from the Miami Marlins ($ 2.4 million), Bud Black (Colorado Rockies) and Craig Counsell (Milwaukee Brewers), with $ 1.5 million.