Who has more money, Mike Trout or Mookie Betts?

Mike Trout and Mookie Betts are two of today’s biggest stars in the MLB and their performance in the field has been endorsed with impressive contracts with their respective equipment.

Betts, who reached the Los Angeles Dodgers to lead them to the World Series title, he’s recovered after suffering all season with a hip ailment.

When he put on the Dodgers jersey he was already a star, he had celebrated a championship with the Boston Red Sox and earned an MVP. In his 8-season career he has been a 4-time Silver Bat and 5-time Golden Glove winner.

So it was no surprise that he received a 12-year, $ 365 million contract. The gardener’s estate is estimated at $ 50 million and includes his luxury car collection and his California mansion.

But he has no more money than Trout. The emblematic player of the Los Angeles Angels surpasses him and not only because of his 430 million, 12-year contract that he signed in 2019.

Trout earns an estimated $ 3 million in endorsement deals with brands like BodyArmor, J&J Snack Foods, Nike, Rawlings, and Topps. That brings his net worth to $ 60 million, according to Forbes.

Despite his credentials, Betts does not have a large portfolio of endorsement deals and one of the best known is with Ax Bats.

Trout not only surpasses Betts with his 3 MVP awards and 8 Silver Bats in 11 seasons. He also has more money than the Dodgers star.