Vladimir Guerrero Jr. vs. Miguel Cabrera; the last triple-crowned batting in MLB

The Dominican of the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is leading the most important offensive departments of the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB) and paint to win the Triple Crown, which is why we will compare your numbers with those of Miguel Cabrera 2012, the year in which he won this award in the best baseball in the world.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is commanding the American League in batting average, home runs and RBIs, a situation that if the season ended today would lead him to be the winner of the Triple Crown in batting and without a doubt, it reminds us of the Miguel Cabrera of the 2012 campaign of Big leagues, who won that award during that year and is also the last to have it.

Guerrero Jr. in his first 63 of this season he is having higher numbers than those of Cabrera in that 2012 season, which undoubtedly makes us think that the Dominican of the Blue Jays paints for a Triple Crown in the MLB for the first time in nine years.

Here the numbers:

Miguel Cabrera

  • 13 home runs
  • 17 doubles
  • 51 towed
  • .307 average

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

  • 21 home runs
  • 12 doubles
  • 55 towed
  • .344 by average

(These numbers are based on the first 63 games of each in their respective seasons)

Only in doublets Cabrera it was better than Warrior in his Triple Crown season and undoubtedly gives us indications that this young Dominican player could have a year equal to or better than the one the Venezuelan had that 2012 in the MLB with his Detroit Tigers.

Also, in case Guerrero Jr. win the Triple Crown, he will enter the conversation to compare it with Cabrera. On the other hand, we will see how the Dominican is doing after the All-Star Game and whether or not he participates in the Home Run Derby and hopefully that stoppage does not affect his offensive performance in this game. MLB 2021.

Here the report:

Will it achieve Guerrero Jr. the triple crown this year in the major leagues?