Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Yankees: “I wouldn’t sign with them dead, I like to kill them”

During an interview with the famous presenter “Dotol Nastra”, the Dominican first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.generated controversy after some statements he made about the New York Yankees.

When the interviewer asked Vladdy Jr. about his favorite city to play baseball, the Quisqueyan confessed that after Toronto, New York is his second favorite place, as he assured that “he likes to kill yankees in his field“.

“I would never sign with the Yankees, not even dead.” It was the words of Guerrero Jr. that lit up social networks and whose video went viral in all corners of the world.

As a player for the Blue Jays, Vladito is used to facing the Yankees more than usual, since both teams are part of the East Division of the American League.

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Yankees: “I wouldn’t sign with them dead, I like to kill them”