Unforgettable homer from Miguel Cabrera to Roger Clemens turns 18

October 22 is surely a very remembered day for Miguel Cabrera and all the baseball in Venezuela, since it is the anniversary of that home run of a rookie in the Playoffs, specifically a World Series. against one of the best pitchers in the history of the Big leagues (MLB), a certain Roger Clemens.

A day like today, but in 2003, the Florida Marlins and the New York Yankees played game four of the World Series that season, where rookie Miguel Cabrera dressed up as a hero and hit a home run against the great Roger Clemens.

The first inning of the aforementioned 2003 World Series meeting was being played and on a 2-2 count, Cabrera began to write his story with the opposing band in the Major Leagues, as he homered Roger Clemens all over the outfield. Right, a rookie hit on horseback, no doubt.

Home run

In addition, that home run by Cabrera to Clemens in the World Series, served to drive two runs, since the Venezuelan in his turn had a teammate on first. Without a doubt, a historic hit for a Miggy who was beginning to write his legend in the MLB.

Cabrera in that at-bat, measured Roger Clemens until the end, who had started the same with a pitch stuck on the Venezuelan and he did not hesitate to give him a penetrating look, then he would take revenge and in what way: Two-run homer in his first World Series and before a historical reference of the MLB.

That World Series night, Miguel Cabrera went 1-for-5 with his home run off Clemens, two RBIs and a strikeout.

Miggy’s numbers that postseason

It is also good to note that that 2003 World Series was part of Miguel Cabrera’s first experience in the Playoffs in the Major Leagues, where he had 18 hits, four home runs, drove in 12 runs and a .265 average, winning that “Fall Classic” championship 18 years ago.

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Unforgettable homer from Miguel Cabrera to Roger Clemens turns 18