Top 10 shorts available to Yankees in upcoming MLB free agency

The quality of the class shortstop free agents that will be available in the next low season, is one of the best in recent years for the quality that all of them have shown throughout their careers.

We’re just weeks away from that group hitting the open market, with a handful of young stars at the top of the class offering plenty of options to clubs in need of shortstop. This can be very beneficial for teams like Yankees from New York, currently struggling to find a reliable shortstop every day, following the failed conversion of Gleyber Torres in that position. Below the short list of hostels that the Bombers’ office could contact to supply the Venezuelan and other elements.

  1. Carlos Correa (27 years)
  2. Corey seager (27)
  3. Marcus semien (31)
  4. Trevor story (29)
  5. Javier Baez (29)
  6. Freddy Galvis (32)
  7. Andrelton Simmons (32)
  8. Jose Iglesias (32)
  9. Jonathan Villar (utility) (30)
  10. Marwin González (utility) (33)

It should be noted that the first five of the aforementioned list are those that, due to their trajectory and capacity that they have demonstrated since they play professional ball, are the ones that could receive the most offers during the winter negotiations.

Favorite candidates to land in the Big Apple could be Trevor Story, for his solid friendship with star infielder DJ LeMahieu; but also the still Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager, who last year stood out as the World Series MVP that beat Los Angeles to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Ismael Hernandez

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