This would be the 2022 season of Rougned Odor with the Orioles

The Venezuelan infielder Rougned odor In the season 2022 will play his first year with the Baltimore Orioles and then we show you how it could go in terms of numbers to this player in the aforementioned course of the Major League Baseball – MLB.

According to projections of Baseball Reference For the 2022 season, Rougned Odor would already have knowledge of what numbers he will put in the aforementioned MLB harvest, where he will be uniformed with the Baltimore Orioles, this after being free with the New York Yankees and agreeing a contract with this organization where you will surely have more action.

At 28, Odor will have a new challenge with the Orioles in his career and will play his eighth year in the MLB, where he will seek to have more regularity and playing time, something that the Yankees could not achieve and where, according to what is projected for 2022, the Maracaibo native infielder will have more than 105 games played, little more than he could play in 2021.

Possible “El Tipo” numbers for 2022:

  • Plate appearances: 420
  • Shifts: 377
  • Hits: 78
  • Scored: 51
  • Doubles: 17
  • Home runs: 19
  • Towed: 57
  • Bases stolen: 4
  • Tickets: 33
  • Strikeouts: 118
  • Average: .207
  • OBP .282
  • SLG: .408
  • OPS: .691
  • Total bases 154

Seeing these figures and compared with those he put with the Yankees, the Venezuelan Odor will undoubtedly have a resurgence in the MLB in the 2022 season, since they are a little higher and better, being something positive for this player who has proven to be a performer. and home run throughout his career in the best baseball in the world.

Also, if these numbers are met, “El Tipo” in 2022 would approach or reach the round number of 900 hits and 200 home runs in the Major Leagues, a really important number for any player.

Your numbers for life

Since debuting in 2014, Rougned Odor has 960 games played, 814 hits, 161 home runs, 497 RBIs, 471 runs, 62 stolen bases, .234 AVG, .289 OBP, .722 OPS, .433 SLG. and a 6.8 WAR.

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This would be the 2022 season of Rougned Odor with the Orioles