Policewoman says she was raped at Yankee Stadium

A woman who was an officer in the Yankee Stadium, ensures that the capital of the police the stadium sexually abused her in the middle of the season of the MLB.

Former police allege that NYPD Captain Jeffrey Brienza sexually assaulted her for the first time after working in a bathroom at the Bronx Stadium in June 2020 and then continued forcing her for more than a year, according to the lawsuit filed against Brienza and the police. town on Monday.

“There were times when I used to feel like it was endless,” the former police officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Daily News. “I cried many times. I wonder how I’m going to get out of this. I didn’t see an end. I felt so stuck… I felt so useless and purposeless. “

But Brienza, 48, soon made the woman his personal chauffeur and insisted that she run errands with him, he told The News.

Three months after her stay at the stadium, she said she noticed someone lurking behind her as she washed her hands in a bathroom, according to the lawsuit.

“He grabbed me around the waist from behind,” recalls the retiree. “I grabbed him and took my hands off his waist and felt his grip tighten and at that moment I realized what he was doing, so I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Yes’.

The woman alleges that Brienza forced her to perform oral sex on him, then pushed her against a sink and raped her, the lawsuit details.

Then he left without saying a word, said the mother of three.

“I was scared. There were many things going through my head. I was blaming myself like maybe I could have yelled louder, ”she explained.

Days later, the woman claims that Brienza called her into her office, asked if she had told anyone what happened in the bathroom, and said she could get into trouble.

“Everybody thinks he’s a great guy. Everybody loves him. She was new to the stadium, ”said the woman. “I was afraid to say something because he is the captain.”

The alleged abuse continued, and Brienza forced her to perform oral sex on him in his office or in his car, sometimes more than once a day, the lawsuit alleges.

During the seventh inning of a Yankees game, the woman claims that instead of taking her position outside to prepare for the end of the game, Brienza made her stay in his office.

His boss pushed his head toward his groin and said, “Take your place,” according to the lawsuit.

“NYPD supervisors have to stop viewing their subordinates as potential sex slaves,” said the woman’s attorney, Fred Lichtmacher.

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Policewoman says she was raped at Yankee Stadium