OFFICIAL: Cuba announced the INAUGURAL DATE of the 61st National Series

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

Already the National Series number 61 has date. A year after the curtains of the previous edition were closed, the maximum sporting event on the island will return, although full of insecurities and very important losses that, without a doubt, will detract from the tournament.

Even so, the vast majority of people eagerly await the start of the Play Ball voice and the fact is that the ball is an indissoluble part of the Cuban’s DNA, but beyond that, it is one of the few training sessions that all Cubans can access.

In a meeting held this morning at the Latin American stadium, it was decided that January 22 will be the date that will start the Series and the inauguration will be at the Mártires de Barbados, home of the current champions, the Alazanes de Granma. In that same location, the awards gala for Series 60 will be held, one year after it ended and with several of the main protagonists absent.

It was also made official that the structure of the Series will be 75 games without reinforcements, as it was played the previous season, with eight teams classified for the postseason. At this point, the most important thing is that, to the joy of the fans, the reinforcements will not return, as, although it raised the quality, it was not to the liking of the vast majority of the public.

In the same way, a second league was authorized, still without a defined date, a kind of return to the Selective Series or the Super Leagues of the first years of this century. Although its structure and the name it will bear are not yet known, at least it has already been made official that there will be a selective tournament.

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This tournament, for sure, will concentrate the quality of the already diminished baseball within the island, it only remains to see how mediatic it may be or how much public it will be able to bring to the stadiums, taking into account that the latest experiences have not been effective at all, especially Because the Cuban public is very territorial and identifies with its homeland, when the sense of representativeness is lost, experience says that it does not work.

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OFFICIAL: Cuba announced the INAUGURAL DATE of the 61st National Series