MLB: Trevor Bauer is charged with sexual assault by a second woman

MLB Trevor Bauer is charged with sexual assault by a

The star pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trevor bauer, does not escape the accusations for his sexual behavior. Who has on his back an accusation of sexual assault for months, which is doubled with the knowledge of a new accusation this Saturday.

Trevor bauer is currently being investigated for a sexual assault lawsuit against a female in California, which accuses him of suffocating her and leaving her to levels of loss of consciousness while they were in privacy, a case that has kept him out of the diamond in the MLB from July 02.

While passing the first sexual assault charges in California, which keeps him under the Administrative License of the MLB, Ahead of this Saturday, the prestigious US newspaper, Washington Post, made public a previous order of protection for gender violence that has been weighing on the pitcher since 2020.

The document published by the prestigious newspaper shows images of a woman with eyes full of blood, proven by an act of suffocation, in addition to alleged messages of threat from the pitcher towards the female. Picture extremely similar to the accusations known by a first woman in July.

Despite keeping silent about the first accusations, against this second case Trevor bauer had a different reaction, responding to the document presented by the newspaper in a message published through its Twitter account, where it specified in statements from its agents:

“Bauer had a fully consensual intermittent relationship with the woman between 2016 and 2019. Despite multiple requests from Mr. Bauer that he cease all contact and terminate their causal relationship after he left Cleveland, the woman persisted in getting in touch. proactively contacted Mr. Bauer in an attempt to continue a relationship.

When he refused, she resorted to threats and filed a false protection petition as a ruse to demand millions of dollars. Leaving Cleveland in the summer of 2019, Bauer told the woman that he did not want to see her again. He then proceeded to contact him hundreds of times, attempted an unsolicited visit to his new residence in another city, and contacted a third party to share personal details about him in an apparent attempt to harm him.

Although Mr. Bauer had not had any physical contact with the woman in over a year, and all communications between the two since her departure from Cleveland were initiated by her, the woman and her attorney committed fraud in the courts by requesting a protective order as a means to threaten and attempt to extort money from Mr. Bauer, demanding $ 3.4 million for her to remain silent.

When Mr. Bauer, through an attorney, rejected her claims and informed her that her conduct was nothing less than extortion, the woman withdrew her request for protection and found a new attorney at her then employer, and threatened to sue. Mr. Bauer’s attorney informed his new attorney of the woman’s pattern of behavior, attempted extortion, abuse of process, and conspiracy, and reiterated that he would not pay money to resolve any issues.

Neither Mr. Bauer nor his representatives heard from this person or his lawyers again ”, were the words in a statement on the player’s social networks.

So far neither the MLB as a league, nor the organization of Dodgers have made statements about this new accusation about the pitcher thus far. Trevor bauer He plans to remain under Administrative License for the first accusations against him that began in July until next August 20.