MLB News: The ‘million-dollar’ tax that is costing the best free agents to the Red Sox

The versatile Puerto Rican Boston Red Sox’s Kiké Hernández accepted his one-year, $10 million contract for 2023 in September, before the new tax was approved. That played no role in his contract negotiations.

But this offseason, agents who have negotiated with the Red Sox say they are taking the million-dollar tax into account when considering offers. The Sox, multiple agents said, are now teaming up with teams in California and New York to outperform clubs in more benign fiscal environments. (particularly Texas and Florida, where there is no state income tax) to make matching offers, one agent said:

Any good agent will take this into account. It’s big business. There are potentially millions of dollars at stake. It absolutely contributes to our decision-making process.”

The Red Sox have said they are open to moving Hernandez back to the center infield while they consider a lineup without Xander Bogaerts, who signed with the San Diego Padres. How is Hernández preparing for the season? Hernandez, whose favorite position is shortstop, said, adding that he continues to get ground balls:

As we are now, as the team is on paper, I understand that being in midfield is the best for the team. So every day I prepare to play midfield. But I didn’t throw away my infield glove.”

hernandez had been training with Bogaerts in Arizona in the weeks leading up to his decision to sign with San Diego. While he was saddened to see an All-Star friend and collaborator leave the Red Sox, he couldn’t disapprove of Bogaert’s decision.

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As much as it hurts to lose this guy, I’m also really happy for him because he’s a friend. These people will become your family. If your family member makes $120 million more in one place than another, be happy for that person.”

Raphael Martinez

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MLB News: The ‘million-dollar’ tax that is costing the best free agents to the Red Sox