LVBP: Magallanes thrashes the Eagles and returns to the path of victory

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The Navigators of the Magellan prevailed over the Eagles of Zulia with a score of 13 runs to 2, in a game where the Turkish ship shone its offensive power and gave the Eagles a new defeat, remembering that the carabobeños took the La Chinita classic played on Friday, November 18.

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The scoreboard opened in the third inning when Alberto González hit a single through center field to send Lázaro Corona home and add the first for Magallanes, then in that same inning Rainel Rosario would connect a double to bring two more runners to the home and place the initial 3-0.

In the bottom of the fourth chapter, Alberto González would once again show his skill with the wood by hitting a double to allow Renato Núñez and Lázaro Corona to reach the home plate, then Arturo Nieto would do the same, hitting an out grounder to first so that Edwin García scored.

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But Alberth Martínez would be the boss when he hit a home run to left center field that added two more runs for the benefit of the turkish ship thus placing the team’s ninth score.

The Eagles would try to respond in the top of the seventh inning with a groundout delivered by Ali Castillo, allowing Bryant Flete to score the team’s second score, however; they would not show any reaction to get closer in the game, they also allowed four more runs from their rivals in the eighth inning, to end with a tough defeat of 13 runs for 2 that keeps them away from the top of the leaderboard.

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LVBP: Magallanes thrashes the Eagles and returns to the path of victory