LVBP: Magallanes leaves Caracas on the field in a duel of hits (inning by inning)

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One more time, the Leones del Caracas and the Navegantes del Magallanes met at the José Bernardo Pérez Stadium in Valencia for a new Venezuelan baseball classic. Both sets are in very opposite situations: while the cats seek the lead against Cardenales de Lara, shipowners are fighting to be in the top five positions.

Erick Leal, who has 4 wins, 2 losses and a 3.00 ERA; he faced Caracas pitcher JC Ramírez, who records a victory and a 4.09 ERA to determine who would win in this duel between the Eternal Rivals.

From, we were doing the coverage inning by inning of this great crossing that was won by the Navegantes del Magallanes in the tenth inning thanks to a double by Edwin García.

Caracas Lions Lineup:

Magellan Navigators Lineup:

First entry. High part: inning finished by way of 1-2-3.

First entry. High part: Edwin Garcia singles. Rainel Rosario hits a double and sends García to third. The bases are filled with a ticket to Luis Torrens. Daniel Mayora hits for a double play, but García scores. The pitch to first is reviewed by video and Mayora stays at first. The bases are loaded again with a single by Alberth Martínez. wild pitch and Luis Torrens scores. Raising a sacrifice from Maikel Serrano and drives Daniel Mayora. Ticket for Alberto González. Wilfredo Tovar’s error on a hit by Romer Cuadrado and Martínez scores. The inning ends with a fly ball by Rayner Ascanio.

Second entry. High part: inning finished by way of 1-2-3.

Second entry. Bottom: Luis Torrens reaches after his play was reviewed, but the inning ends with a rise of foul by Daniel Mayora.

Third entry. High part: Lenyn Sosa connects single. Alexander Palma also hits. Wilfredo Tovar reaches and the bases are loaded. Harold Castro doubles and comes back with two runs. Gleyber Torres receives a ticket. Tovar scores thanks to a wild pitch. Ferddy Fermin does infield hit and turns to the blackboard. PITCHER CHANGE: Nivaldo Rodríguez enters for Erick Leal. José Rondón hits a single. The entry ends with a punch for Fermín.

Third entry. Bottom: Alberto González singles. Romer Cuadrado hits and González goes to third. The inning ends with a fly ball by Rayder Ascanio.

Fourth inning. High part: Alexander Palma reaches on a fielding error. Harold Castro connects single. The last out is delivered by Gleyber Torres with a fly ball.

Fourth inning. Bottom: Edwin Garcia singles. Luis Torrens receives a walk and García is out at second. Daniel Mayora hits and Torrens goes to third. PITCHER CHANGE: Darwin Rondón replaces JC Ramírez. Alberth Martínez boots it and Magallanes puts himself on top again. Maykel Serrano reaches on error. Alberto González ends the inning with a fly ball.

Fifth inning. High part: inning finished by way of 1-2-3.

Fifth inning. High part: Rayder Ascanio receives a walk. Edwin Garcia singles. Rainel Rosario hits for double play and ends the inning.

sixth entry. High part: Oswaldo Arcia singles. The entry ends with a double play by Wilfredo Tovar.

sixth entry. Bottom: Luis Torrens singles. PITCHER CHANGE: Miguel Rodriguez replaces Eduardo Paredes. wild pitch and Torrens to second. Fly by Maykel Serrano for the third out.

Seventh inning. High part: PITCHER CHANGE: Anthony Vizcaya replaces Yaramil Hiraldo. Glayber Torres hits a single. Freddy Fermín receives a ticket. Isaías Tejeda hits single. The entry ends with a punch without throwing Oswaldo Arcia.

Seventh inning. Bottom: EXPELLED Alberto González. Rayder Ascanio singles. Edwin Garcia singles. Rainel Rosario strikes out without throwing.

Eighth inning. High part: DEFENSIVE CHANGE: Ricardo Paolini replaces third baseman Alberto González, batting seventh and playing second base, Rayder Ascanio goes from second base to third base and Ricardo Paolini replaces third baseman Alberto González, batting seventh and playing second base. PITCHER CHANGE: Enderson Franco replaces Anthony Vizcaya. Lenyn Sosa double hits. Harold Castro delivers the last out with a ground ball.

Eighth inning. Bottom: PITCHER CHANGE: Alfred Gutierrez replaces Miguel Rodriguez. Luis Torrens singles. Daniel Mayora hits a single and sends Torrens to third. Three-run home run by Alberth Martínez. Maykel Serrano reaches on error. Ricardo Paolini reaches on a force out. PITCHER CHANGE: Joshua Cornielly replaces Alfred Gutierrez. The inning he leaves with a fly ball by Rayder Ascanio.

ninth inning. High part: PITCHER CHANGE: Bruce Rondon replaces Enderson Franco. Freddy Fermin hits a single. José Rondón forces an out and reaches on base. Isaías Tejeda hits single. Bruce Rondón does a wild pitch and the two men on base go to second and third. Oswaldo Arcia hits a single and Leones discounts. Lenyn Sosa doubles and sends Arcia to third. Alexander Palma hits a single and the long-haired box is just one hairline away from tying it. EMERGING RUNNER: Juan Infante replaces Alexander Palma. PITCHER CHANGE: Henderson Álvarez replaces Bruce Rondón. Wilfredo Tovar singles and Infante goes to third. Harold Castro reaches on error and the game is tied. Glayber Torres hits a double and Caracas goes up. Intentional ticket for Freddy Fermín. PITCHER CHANGE: Kervin Castro replaces Henderson Alvarez. Fermín and Torres steal the second and third, respectively. Rondón strikes out throwing him and the live turn ends.

ninth inning. Bottom: PITCHER CHANGE: Anthony Castro replaces Joshua Cornielly. DEFENSIVE TRADE: Juan Infante remains in the game as the designated hitter. Ticket for Edwin Garcia. Rainel Rosario singles. Ticket for Luis Torrens and the bases are filled. Ticket for Daniel Mayora and Magallanes discount. PITCHER CHANGE: Ricardo Rodríguez replaces Anthony Castro. Alberth Martínez hits a double and the game is tied again. OFFENSIVE SWAP: Humberto Garcia replaces Luis Torrens as pinch runner and Renato Nunez replaces Ricardo Paolini as pinch hitter. Núñez hits for a double play and sends the game to extra innings.

Tenth inning. High part: PAN AMERICAN RULE: José Rondón in second. DEFENSIVE SHIFT: Rayder Ascanio moves to second base, Renato Núñez remains at first base, Daniel Mayora moves to third base, and Robinson Chirinos replaces Humberto Garcia at catcher. Oswaldo Arcia’s homer and Caracas is put back on top. Juan Infante strikes out without shooting and the Caraquista turn ends.

Tenth inning. Bottom: PAN AMERICAN RULE: Renato Núñez in second. Home run by Romer Cuadrado and Magallanes rematches the actions. Lions requests review, but its claim is invalid. Rayder Ascanio singles. PITCHER CHANGE: Yoimer Camacho replaces Ricardo Rodríguez. Edwin García hits a double and Ascanio scores to leave the Leones del Caracas on the field.

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LVBP: Magallanes leaves Caracas on the field in a duel of hits (inning by inning)