LOTS OF SPEED: Little League HOMER by Adolis Garcia

By Gian Franco Gil

The victim of Adolis, the Detroit Tigers, although they massacred the Texas Rangers at pitching with a final score of 14×7, saw how the Cuban outwitted their defense with impunity and walked around the entire box, after a gale of misfortunes that befell the players to the field of felines.

It happened in the upper part of the sixth episode, when the Bombi wielded in his offensive turn. Before the shipments of another García, Rony, Adolis opened with a cannon shot to the first shipment, a sinker at 93 mph, which slipped between left and center fields.

The Cuban walked the bases when the ball passed between the Detroit outfielders and died when it reached the safety zone and hit the mattresses, forcing the center fielder to go get it. After making the cut, nothing more and nothing less than “El Mago” Javier Báez, he tried to make the delivery to third base, but buried the ball and it escaped, which opened the doors of the plate to the native of Ciego de Ávila.

Coincidentally, last week another Cuban, Randy Arozarena, completed a similar play, only that in the case of the 2021 American League Rookie of the Year it was assumed to be a home run inside the field, since the errors of the defense did not mediate so that the Rocket will scratch the card in favor of the Tampa Bay Rays.

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LOTS OF SPEED: Little League HOMER by Adolis Garcia