Is it realistic to expect Miguel Cabrera to hit 3,000 hits in 2021?

Major League Baseball 500 home run mark reached Miguel Cabrera has, among other objectives, to get the 3,000 hits connected in his career, a figure that it is very likely that he will have to wait for when the next contest of the MLB in 2022.

Although Cabrera He is one of the best hitters who has passed through the fields of the best baseball in the world his 38 years of age, the recent history of injuries and a Detroit Tigers in full reconstruction, make the mark of uncogbles for this year a very goal. complicated to fulfill.

Upon entering the day of Tuesday, August 24, “Miggy” collects 2955 uncatchable that leave him at 45 of the number in question, which although it looks very close, it must be taken into account that there is only a month and a half of the calendar left to dispute.