Houston Astros offer $ 160 million to Carlos Correa

The Houston Astros They have offered a five-year contract for the sum of 160 million dollars to the Puerto Rican campocoro Carlos Correa on the MLB, according to Mark Berman.

After throwing him a 7-year offer for 120 million in the 2020 offseason, now the Astros have let it be known that they are not going to part with Carlos Correa like that.

This offer is not long-lasting, but it does guarantee Correa some $ 32 million per season and he would be a free agent at 33-34 years of age, where he can still land a 2-3 year contract depending on his status at the time.

This offer guarantees that the Houston Astros want to retain Correa, perhaps they are not very confident in his health due to his history of injuries in the majors, that is why they are looking for a contract that does not exceed six years, seven at least.

Correa has a deadline to only negotiate with the Astros, no other team can contact him. It is possible that on the recommendation of their agent they will try free agency before making any move about their future in the MLB.

Without a doubt, the AVG of millions per season is quite good for Carlos Correa, who is coming off a brilliant season and going for his first Golden Glove in the MLB.

The offer is not bad, but it is obvious that Carlos Correa would be looking for a higher sum of money for a minimum of 9 years, which will keep him safe in the MLB at least until 37-38 years when he is in the last of his career.

Correa’s numbers in 2021

Carlos Correa has 26 homers, 155 hits, 92 RBIs, 279 from AVG, 366 from OBP and 850. OPS this season. Not to mention his 7.5 WAR and epic hits against the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox in these playoffs, although he didn’t do very well in the World Series.

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Houston Astros offer $ 160 million to Carlos Correa