Fact that refutes the Astros cheat against the White Sox

The White Sox pitcher, Ryan tepera, ignited the controversy after insinuating that the Astros had stolen signs in the first games of the series between the two ninths.

But KLK … how did this madness start?

It all started yesterday with the post-game statements of Ryan tepera, White Sox reliever, where the pitcher hints (let’s say hints for not gossiping) that the Astros have stolen signs or cheated in this series against Chicago.

“Obviously they have had a reputation for doing some things wrong there … You saw the changes and failures tonight compared to the first two games at Minute Maid” – were his exact words. And the controversy flared.

Dustin Baker, Maldonado and other players in the Astros line up immediately responded by demanding an apology for their harsh accusations implying that the Astros cheated at their stadium.

And according to Tepera, to check it, it is enough to “take a look” at the swing and mises of Astros yesterday … as if that were enough.

Why don’t we just check the numbers for the season? And guess what khé…?

The Astros rank first in each and every hitting metric as AWAY:

  • Best batting average (.268)
  • Best OPS (.780)
  • Best OBP (.336)

And in several more they are in the Top 3:

  • 3rd in Home Runs (behind Tampa and Blue Jays)
  • 2nd in RBIs (behind Tampa)

So nothing yeah the planets they walked erratically maybe it’s a bad night … and Tepera you should be more careful what you say.

And why do the Astros have a reputation for cheating?

Recall that a year ago an investigation was carried out into the alleged theft of signs in 2017 with electronic help from the Astros.

In baseball, sign stealing is not punishable, but the use of technology to do so is. The Houston team was accused of setting up video equipment in the dress to review the plays and decipher the opponent’s signals.

After several investigations the MLB decided that the accusations were true and controversially decided not to punish any player and only the manager of David Hinch and player Carlos Beltrán.

Among the players, Altuve and Carlos Correa were the most noted after the MLB verdict.